Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Let It Snow!!

Well, there is nothing that can slow down life 
like a good snow!  Boy did it snow!  
HH and I strung new lights on our tree and 
Enzo is protecting it from the deer, LOL.

I ended up staying home yesterday...a rare day.  I finished stitching 2 more of Buttermilk Basins Free Mystery BOM blocks...2 more to go and I am caught up!  Made our cranberry sauce and baked some Thanksgiving cookies.  After I run some errands in Bend I am going to come home and bake some bread...nothing like the smell of fresh bread baking.

It has been frustrating around here on the quilting front.  I have been waiting for a couple of months for a new sewing table  that I ordered.  Knowing that there was going to be a small window when it would be delivered and set up by the company and only given a vague date of delivery I decided to prepare and have HH remove the old table which was so big that it had to be cut up to remove. Because of long term damage in my right shoulder I can't sew at a dining table. Well...I have been waiting and waiting...which means there has been no machine sewing going on here!...and I have a ton of machine sewing waiting to be done!...and so, today I am thankful that I love handwork.

I took this photo at my local grocery store...the butcher has a real sense of humor, LOL.  Have a warm safe Wednesday!


  1. Lovely hand stitching Anna. I hope your sewing table arrives soon.

    Have a peaceful and Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends.

    The snow and lighted tree look lovely.

  2. You did get quite a bit, we are going up to 57 tomorrow, the snow can stay away, lol. Love how you used the gingerbread man button, that looks cute on it.


  3. Have a great Thanksgiving Day! (I give thanks for your Friendship), enjoy the snow and take care of your shoulder (i've been there...)