Wednesday, November 4, 2015


November is the month we really think about Thanksgiving when in reality one should wake up each morning with a moment of gratitude.  Join me in starting each day this month with a moment of gratitude.  I will post my gratitude' each day during the month of November.  Leave me a comment about what you are thankful for...I am thankful for each comment although if you do not receive a reply from me it is because you registration is as a "no reply" commenter...which is ok if that is how you wish to be registered.  Know that I reply to the comments I can :)

My number one gratitude is for HH who supported me through school, 
worked hard to provide for his family and is my best friend.

I wanted to let you know about my 2...yes, I am doing 2 Valentines projects in November.  I love this little "Love" pillow.  Sew Many Quilts has the pattern which includes the sweet heart shaped buttons for the "O" in, give them a call if you want to make this same pillow.

My second project is a wall hanging...approximately 52 inch square of half square triangles.  I want to hang it in my entry way during February.   Now that I have committed to these 2 projects I feel..pretty darn hopeful, LOL.  

Today, I stitch with the Berries...which means a day of stitching is a blessing.  I hope your day is filled with blessings.


  1. Canadian Thanksgiving was last month, but supposedly I was conceived in California so I will play and say I'm grateful for still having the presence of my 90 year old mom.

  2. Always something to be thankful for--Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holiday seasons--always sad for those who only see it as a shopping event

  3. My first gratitude every morning is that I am still here.

  4. Today I would say, fall foliage. I sat on the porch as the sun was going down and the leaves on the trees are so much darker and richer in color with less light and it was just beautiful and calming.


    1. I agree Debbie. The Autumn foliage is fabulous at this time of year...taking walks in the crisp air with those leaves to view just can't be beat!

  5. I am thankful for the many friends I have had over the last 83 years. At my age many are gone but the memories of our good times together will always be with me.

  6. we do not celebrate thanksgiving here in Spain. However, this year I'm thankful for having been in Sisters, having had the opportunitiy of meeting you, and for the little token I so much cherish: the blue wrist band you gave me.

  7. Today I am grateful for the opportunity to go into the city to see Riverdance. Fabulous dancing and wonderful music. Great way to spend the day.