Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I am so excited about the UFO challenges for the next year...going to be working on my Christmas quilt with the Woolies...my Stars & Sprigs with the Berries and try to consistently address UFO Fridays! Are you with me?!!!  Even if I can't stitch on a Friday I am going to sneak up to the sewing room and talk to each and every one of my UFO's so I don't forget them, LOL. 

My latest finished project has me feeling smug about Christmas!!!  I going to switch out the pumpkin stitchery from the frame for this one come December! 

I had a chance to visit Anne and OMG...talk about Fall colors...you don't have to travel to see the seasonal change...you just need to visit Anne!  I only took photos of a fraction of what was displayed but you will get the idea...of all the projects on display I have only made one!!!  Boy, do I have to catch up!!!

Today both Enzo and I get haircuts :) but not at the same place!  Have a great Tuesday and take time to spread the love.

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  1. I need to get my haircut too, if I can stop coughing long enough.


  2. I think Anne has a LOT of storage space...somewhere. Totally cute and clever girl!

  3. Love all of Anne's lovely Autumn quilts and pumpkin themed goodies. She has a lovely style of decorating her beautiful home.

  4. I found the quilters world magazine over the weekend and the fabric for the quilt on the front is at BJ'S, Can't hardly wait to start it...I know I got distracted away from what I am working on but oboy

  5. Lots of lovely autumn projects! I need to get busy on a couple...well, after I tackle some of those UFOs! I have to wait till next week for a haircut--this week is his daughter's last soccer game of the season, so starting next week he can take late appointments on Tues! (I like to bunch my "town" stuff on one day since it's a bit of a drive and Tuesday is my class night.) Okay, back to the machine!

  6. OMGosh! I REALLY enjoyed seeing Anne's house...DDG!! Wow!! Got my heart rate up!! haha
    Your Christmas Stitchery...is it in a magazine? It just seems so familiar to me...Do I have a sticky on it sitting on my shelf? :o}}

  7. I want to move into Anne's house---with all her quilts of course!