Friday, October 30, 2015

Trick or Treat...

I am flabbergasted that we are at the end of October!!!  My next blog post will actually be in November...OMG.  Come Monday I will be posting a new challenge that some of my friends and I will try to follow for the next 12 months and I hope some of you will join stay tuned!

In the meantime it looks to be a full weekend.  My sister is in lots of fun to be had there and then there is Halloween!  I've got my candy all ready to pass out...Enzo is ready to greet the kids :)  Then there is setting the clock back...I have to is my least favorite thing to do...Fall Back :(
I have got to double up on my Vitamin D3.

On Wednesday the EOTC (East of the Cascade) Quilt Guild had their monthly meeting.  The 3 Sally's run the show but we were missing one of them who was recovering from Pneumonia...Get well Sally!!!  Guild is a wonderful gathering and sharing of quilters around Central Oregon.  Prudence was the featured quilter and had a wonderful showing of her favorite quilts.  Then there was the Walk of Shame...Quilters Shame that is...everyone was encouraged to bring in a UFO and share the story of the project.  I couldn't because...I couldn't decide, LOL.  Next,  I shared with the group how to create a wooden quilt block for the outside of your home.  Yes, a nice evening for sure...enjoy the slide show, have a wonderful weekend and we'll see you back here on Monday!

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  1. Great post and Happy Halloween to you :)

  2. Great post and Happy Halloween to you :)

  3. Me, too..I HATE falling back as that means darkness will come earlier in the evening. I like as many hours of daylight as I can get and there's just not enough in the winter when daylight savings goes away.

  4. The months are flying by, I swear this is the fastest year ever, but i am in a fog most of the time;) Nick is coming for the day, so need to find something fun we can all do together and maybe a few houses for trick or treat before he goes home.


  5. Fun slide show! I never did get to decorating for Halloween! I guess maybe to day I should start with some Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff?lol! Enjoy the kids and thei costumes! It's a sunny and cool day here on the east coast... perfect goblin weather! :-)

  6. I loved the walk of shame! That looked so fun.

  7. I loved the walk of shame! That looked so fun.