Monday, October 12, 2015

Quilty Weekend

Part of my weekend was spent in an ortho clinic because I couldn't use my right wing.  I mean...I really couldn't use it...had to brush my teeth with my left hand, shave my legs with my left hand...wash my hair and blow dry it with my left hand.  Did I tell you I was right handed!!!  Anyhoo...I had an X-ray and then I was poked about 5 times on the front of my shoulder with a NEEDLE and then 1 time on the back.  Did I care that I couldn't effective brush my teeth...NOOOOO...the biggest issue was I couldn't use my rotary cutter!  Then the anti-inflammatories and pain meds made my stomach upset so I ate soup...which tasted sooooo much better in the bowl holder that FS Julie made for me on the beach retreat...I felt better knowing I was loved :)

Robin came by Thursday (before my wing really stopped working)  to teach pillow construction and how to stitch piping.  I had 2 Sashiko pillow tops ready to be made into pillows...I LOVE how they turned out!!!  I am always going to sew gives it such a finished look.

We headed over to the Stitchin' Post since the Central Oregon Shop Hop shoulder was just starting to hurt and so I couldn't create too much havoc but I did have to purchase Valori Well's Jules fabric.  I am in love with the black, grey and cream print!

I was feeling a little better on Saturday and was able to visit the Bend shops and on Sunday Material Girl in Redmond.  I was bummed I wasn't up to visiting them all!!!  Enjoy the slide show.

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  1. I hope you mend quickly... no rotary cutter...ouch

  2. Sorry to hear of your injured wing, make sure you rest it well.

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my leaves Anna, you are an amazing friend.

  3. Oh no! I hope you are fast healer. ;-) No rotary cutting would really drive me bonkers. LOL

  4. Am hoping the shoulder is feeling a bit better today...? Did you overdo or did it freeze on it's own? (Just curious, it's the retired nurse in me...) Cortisone or anti-inflammatories, both? I see it didn't stop you from enjoying the shop hop!!!

  5. Here's to healing that shoulder! Mine acts up if I've done too much with it, but the level of NSAIDs in my bloodstream usually keep it down, plus I'll rest it. I did at one point train myself to use the rotary cutter left-handed when a bad arthritis flare in my right thumb had that hand incapacitated. It's also handy when I have a student who's a lefty! Hurry and heal well!

  6. get well soon. i hate pain meds , they take you want to away

  7. Did they tell you what's wrong !! OMG, it must be awful not to use your right arm and your rotary cutter !! So VERY sorry !! I lost my hearing for a day after a flight and I was devastated !! Hope all's well soon !!

  8. I hope you are feeling better by now, Anne.