Tuesday, October 20, 2015


OK...a girl has to be careful when you are sitting across from a guy with this kind of twinkle in his eye!  Oh yeah....

...and then there is a nice meal and a glass of wine....

...which means you could end up hitting the road in one of these!!!  Oh yeah, by next year the Woolie could be shopping at a quilt store near you!!!  
Of course her name is Penny :)

While enjoying ourselves in Los Agaves I ran into Marion and Barbara who were having dinner with Sherrill Kahn,  who is in Sisters teaching at the Stitchin' Post all week!  We are so blessed in Central Oregon to have so many wonderful artist who are willing to travel to our neck of the woods.

Sherrill travels with Bugsie...after all, someone has to take care of Sherrill when she is on the road!

Check out the class room schedules of all the local quilt shops...I am sure you will find something that sparks your interest!!!  Have a fun Tuesday and we'll see you back here tomorrow!


  1. Oh boy, look out quilt shows. Nice rig.

  2. husband is saving his pennies to buy an RV once I retire. He was shocked when I told him how much I missed camping! Cant wait to see the insides and hear all about your new home away from home!

  3. We have been looking at motorhomes too. Who makes this motorhome ? I see VIEW written on the side of it. Boy are you going to have fun traveling in your new RV :-D

  4. I'm thinking Road to CA this year?!! Be there or be square!
    Your new RV looks great!

  5. Looks like a great camper, I do like that style and would be nice to have something that you can just get in and go.


  6. Did you REALLY get a camper van? Holy Cow! I want one SO bad! I'll have to keep up on your adventures for sure, Anna! Oh....the endless places that have quilt shops on the road :>)

  7. Excellent Greg. Good, practical stuff. I just floated your article around my network. Keep up the good work.

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