Friday, October 2, 2015

Learning the Ropes & Creative Fabrics

It is so fun watching Em learn the ropes of the quilting and sewing world.  We took a trip to Cynthia's Sewing Center where Sue gave Em a sewing machine class.  I have passed on my Janome 6600 to Em.  It has been a spectacular machine!  I thought it would be best to get it serviced and cleaned...

OMG, look at what Bill found in my machine!!!  I told as I say (service your machine once a year)...not as I do (never had it serviced...yikes)

Creative Fabrics in the little coastal town of Wheeler is one of my favorites!!!  I had to buy some of the Frida Kahlo fabrics!!!  I think I am going to make a bag with it!!!...that is if I ever learn to make a bag!!!

Enjoy the slide show...this really is one of my favorite spots to stop...her fabric selection is eclectic and wonderful.  If you see something you just have to have be sure to give them a call and let her know you saw it on the Woolie!!!

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  1. You can make a bag. Get a GOOD pattern (a lot of them are sheer crap) and follow the steps as they tell you to do it. Or, do what I do and just wing it! Take apart one of those shopping bags they have at the markets now and use it as a pattern. Lots of options!

  2. i watched Jenny's video about bags , that is a start

  3. Once you make your first bag Anna, there will be no turning back. They are a very instant gratification project and a really fun way to use favorite fabrics.

    Em is really blessed to have you as a sewing mentor. And wow she must be thrilled about the 6600 - it's a great sewing machine.

  4. WOW! Lucky Em! You deserve the MIL of the Year Award!! Beautiful machine!

  5. How great for her to receive that! So sweet of you!
    I loved the bag!
    The box was great, so many pretty colors and things to see, have a wonderful weekend!