Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Aging Quilter + QuiltWorks Gallery Show is true...I am an aging quilter and because of that a fellow quilter and I bought Mageyes.  OMG!!! has it made all the difference, especially with my cross stitch on linen!  Here I am finishing an applique piece and I could tell my previous applique stitches were not so great, lol.

The only downside to Mageyes is that you kinda miss out on the cute factor :(

My friend Tamra was the featured quilter at the QuiltWorks October Gallery Exhibit!!!  You can click on the bio and read all about her :)

Enjoy the fabulous slide show where you can see not only her wonderful creations but the Modern Quilt Guilds channeling of the Gee's Bend Quilters!

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  1. Interesting framing of your photos of you Anna.

    Tamra's show is fascinating. The Dresden plates with the hexagon centres look interesting. Some very eclectic designs with fabric choices. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. I bet those Mag eyes are a help. Are they a bit warm to wear?
    Tamra has made some amazing and beautiful quilts. I love the sunflower NY Beauties!

  3. love the glasses. Last summer I took a drawn thread glass and could not count the threads on the linen. The instructor gave me a pair of magnifying lenses that clip to my glasses to use - I bought them right after the class and can't believe how much easier it is to sew.

  4. Those are funny, lol. I just got new reading glasses and all I cared about was they fit and light weight, not how I look;)
    Wonderful quilt show, I am actually working on something, hopefully I can get this one done in a week since it is a pillow.


  5. How do they differ from readers?

  6. Awww.... you are so darn cuuuuuute! :-) I might be next on the list to try those out... I kinda miss cross stitching every now and then...