Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Little Bit of This...A Little Bit of That...

Life can be challenging and I have been spending some time thinking about how I want my brain cells to spend their time.  Your brain cells affect how the rest of your body functions...how much cortisol your heart squeezes out...and, thus the balance of cells that make you live not only another day...but another happier day.  I am beginning to pay a little more attention to how I spend my time, who I spend my time with, what books I read, what movies I see and what quilts I want to make!! LOL...Big order I know, but...I figure you have to start somewhere and this is as good a start  as any.  I am anticipating an awesome finish to the Fall season...a wonderful Winter filled with stitching and a fantastic 2016.  I hope you will join me on this journey.

HH and I went to see The Intern and enjoyed ourselves.  It wasn't a deep life changing movie but one that was light hearted and sweet.  A perfect date night movie :)

When we arrived home guess who was on the front porch 
eating my straw flowers??!! Bold...freakin' Bold!!

Yesterday, I spent a sweet hour in the sewing room and decided that I wanted to watch/listen to something that would make me smile.  I turned on The Quilt Show and now I am hooked!!!  I can move my lap top around the room...sometimes I wanted to stop and look sometimes I could stitch and listen.  What I learned is that the world is filled with quilters who want to teach us to be brave quilters!!

All it took was a turn of the lap top to watch while I was pressing my blocks...oh, I am so going to love this!!

I am off to Woolies today...hope you have some wonderful plans for today also!


  1. Oh! I have so avoided going to that site as I know there are temptations to spend lots of time there. A good friend of mine follows it and always has helpful tidbits to share...maybe when we're back in a house I'll check it out but for now it would be frustrating for me!

  2. I mostly play music or listen to podcasts--I'm too easily distracted by visuals! I'm basically a visual person and audiobooks just drive me nuts. The pacing is always off and the voices and cadences are out of sync with my way of processing info. But give me some peppy music and I can sew happily for hours!

  3. I think the multitude of deer by you is like the squirrel population in my yard. They drive me crazy sometimes.

  4. Wait till you see some of the shows we just shot that will air starting in January 2016....some really good stuff coming. And as for my friend the deer.....that is sooooo awesome. Think of all the inner city folks who never get to see something like that. Sorry for the pretty plants...but they'll grow again. LOL

  5. Your new block looks interesting, what is it going to be? We had a lovely speaker at our guild today.

  6. I find I am enjoying watching more comedies and feel good movies, laughing is good for us. I also look forward to winter quilting time, I always enjoy sitting under a warm quilt and working on it in the winter.


  7. I enjoy reading you because you're always positive and full of energy. Think, think, think, it's something we can do while we stitch, stitch, stitch! I' m slowly stitching one of the projects I started at the Sisters Affair this year. Meanwhile i think about the projects coming...