Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

I totally believe this quote...I have been blessed to meet so many wonderful people and a good percentage have been quilters!

Yesterday I spent the day stitching with friends.  It was so much fun to relax, talk and to see a different sewing room than my own, LOL.  I love seeing how others organize...hoping to tweak my space a little bit more :)  Today, I get to stitch with my DIL...lesson #2!!!  Gonna be a great day in the neighborhood!

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  1. I agree with your quote, met a few of them along my journey also.

    Cathy's home and workspace are lovely. Several things could be plucked out and brought to my home easily. Love her colours and design esthetic.

    I think I remember seeing that fly fish hook at one Sisters Show?

    Thanks to you both for sharing her space with us.

  2. Cathy space is bright and happy! I just want to pull up a chair...that lovely one that she reupholstered ;O)) and stitch right along with you! LOVE her quilted ottoman!!

  3. Perfect quote today. :-) Love the sewing room photos~ mine is much too messy ATM to take any pix! :-o Have a happy day!

  4. You go to and see some wonderful places Anna!
    Your friend Cathy is wonderfully inventive! A quilt as an outdoor privacy screen - that's a whole new thought.

  5. That is a lovely home!
    I loved her sewing room!