Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I'm Ready!!!

I don't want to wait anymore!!!  
Lately I feel an intense desire to live as if I am ready right NOW.  

Yesterday my DIL and I continued with our 2 person quilting bee.  She is cut out 6.5 inch squares of the cutest flannel holiday prints and started another quilt!!!   It is a wondrous thing to watch another person discover the ability to create.

While she was stitching away I started prepping another wool project.  Leaves and Hearts make me happy!  

Today I am heading to Sew Many the hand stitching group.  I am hoping that all their enthusiasm will rub off on me, LOL  I got a flu shot this week to help me avoid the flu but I am hoping to catch the stitch virus today :) 


  1. Sew Many Quilts is such a Great store, its where I got the book and 101 mini quilts....

  2. Looks like an interesting project! Have fun.

  3. Really is a thrill helping someone discover the thrill of creating with fabric and fiber! Especially when it's a family member!

  4. So fun to watch your dil's must be a good cheerleader! Wool work, all of mine is in storage until our house is completed. I guess I'll have to watch your project as it grows.

  5. I love that true! Enjoy your sweet quilting bee!