Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tuesday Thoughts....

A friend sent me this quote and it really struck me...if only we knew that the choices we make today will all have wonderful outcomes.  It is that 'ol hindsight thing...I am not sure if it is because of the decade I currently residing in but it seems that I have been having so many "Ah Ha" moments...I really need a crystal ball...wouldn't that be great!? or would it???

I finished a book this week...The Rosie Effect.  It is a sequel to The Rosie Project and you really need to read it first or this one won't make much sense.  I do have to preface it with the statement that the first one was better.  Maybe because it was so unexpectedly funny.  The 2nd book has it's funny moments but parts were a little redundant.  With that said it is still an fairly entertaining read.

My grandson came back to hang out with Enzo for the remainder of his visit in Central Oregon but I needed some grandson time also!!!  Enzo can't hog all this attention.  We decided to go see the new Mission Impossible movie.  I am not a Tom Cruise fan but I have to say this movie was highly entertaining and the stunts were incredible!!!  Great summer movie!

With all the family activities I haven't been stitching much.  In the last 5 days I have finished 1 block!  It is the  1st block to the Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery BOM.  This one block took me over  3 hours to make!!  It is cute...I hope to work on block 2 today...lets see if I can get it done???

Hope you have a get Tuesday and that you get more stitching done than
 I foresee in my future! LOL


  1. It isn't about the amount you get done/sewn, its about enjoying the process. ;-) That little house looks very complicated but you did a great job! Enjoy your DGS!

  2. I just bought the Rosie Project...didn't know that there was a sequel! Glad it's a good one so I will read it next!

  3. Love the fabrics in your house, you did all that in three hours---Well done!!

  4. I forgot to mention when I ran into you at Sisters Coffee today that I have some of Valerie's Zinnia fabric your friend had pinned to her blouse. Just let me know if she still needs it. Enjoyed meeting your handsome sons and grandsons.