Thursday, August 20, 2015

Little Nitches...

I have been carving little nitches of time to work on some UFO's and it is most satisfying!  Evelyn's Album was a 2012 Primitive Gathering BOM that has been languishing in my stash closet.  I had all the blocks done but hadn't taken that next leap!  Although I had stitched all the blocks I decided to decrease it by a row so it would fit a certain wall.  I still have to stitch the wool pieces on the border but it will give me somthing to do this winter :)  Do you have something in you UFO pile that you just really want to finish.  It is so exciting to anticipate an empty project box!...I can hear other projects clammering to move in, LOL.

And now more quilts!!! I hope you enjoy part 2 of the 
Quilt Knit Stitch show!

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  1. Lovely selections of photos Anna, hard to pic a favourite.

    Congrats on the progress on Evelyn's Album, you shame me!

  2. Life is like an empty project box ... you never know what will fill it. [Run Forrest!!]

  3. I loved your blocks, just so pretty.
    The box ones are amazing, the intense details really pop!

  4. Your blocks are beautiful, I love black and reds together. I actually cut out the pieces for Butternmilk's BOM.


  5. I am glad to know I am not the only one who hasn't finished that BOM. All my blocks are done and sewed into rows, it's the borders holding me up. Too hot to have it on my lap to sew right now even with a/c

  6. What an amazing variety of styles in those quilts!

  7. Last summer I cleared out several UFO's and it felt great. I need to revisit that box again to finish more. So much detail in those blocks...beautiful!

  8. I never did this project, but it is a beauty. I'm at the same point in Sunflower Gatherings. I purchased a backing yesterday. And plan on having all the rows stitched by the end of the weekend.... My motivator-- Christmas Gatherings is to be debuted in November. My (Maybe) reward for finishing this project might be a membership ship to the new BOM. I haven't seen it yet--- but has Lisa Bongean ever designed an ugly quilt?!?!?!?!

  9. I have emptied several project boxes and bins... still working on it! I wish my squirrel brain would let me stop being distracted by new and shiny projects, though! Not as if I were going to run out of UFOs any time soon. However, I'm keeping it manageable, more or less, and trying to organize the tasks. We'll see how that goes!