Monday, August 31, 2015

Comfort Zone

Do you know what your comfort zone is???  Are you a city person or a country person?  Do you like parties with lots of people...or,  intimate dinners with a few people?  Each time we make the trek to the city I discover a little bit more about myself.  It is funny to think that at my "AARP qualifying age" I can still learn and grow.    Enzo is a people lover but not a mass humanity lover.  He loves being with us,  But, at the same time I do believe the city life can be overwhelming.  As soon as we arrive back into our little spot in the woods he if the weight of humanity has been lifted off his tail :) I understand.

The city time was spent with family.  And, to have a little birthday celebration with my oldest son since we won't be able to be there on his actually birthday.  It is hard to believe that 36 years has passed since we first met!!!  He is the person who taught me flexibility, courage, humor and love. 

While in the city I did a little hand stitching on Evelyn's Album...a stitch here...a stitch there and I may just get this done before 2016!!!

The one thing I love to do when I arrive back home is to go up and stand in my sewing room.  Just to reacquaint myself with the place I am bonded to the most. There is no sewing during this is just to feel the energy...the joy that fills this space.  When I looked at my design wall I saw the fabrics my youngest DIL chose for her first project!!!  Yes, I am filled with joy and can't wait for our next meeting :)

In the search for fabrics she would want to use I saw a piece with printed blocks and knew I needed to make a baby quilt this WEEK!!!  It is so freakin' cute.  We need to find the love for each other and these giraffes are sending the message!

Aren't these animals amazing!  There are 9 different ones in each half yard...waiting for me to get stitching!  It is wonderful to find such treasures when digging through one's own stash!  I must add that to my agenda each week! Dig, dig, dig...

Enjoy the final day of August!!! OMG...tomorrow is September!!!


  1. I think it is so wonderful that your DIL wants to learn to quilt. She has an excellent teacher! Cute animal fabric! I am definitely not a city person. One trip per month up to Fairbanks, AK is enough for me.

  2. Yes, I can relate to Enzo. Having lived in the country for 40+ years and now anticipating a move into suburbia I feel a bit anxious/eater. Mixed emotions...exhausting! ;0) Handwork is helping me through this transition as the "new" house is being built. Thrive through your postings...I am...

  3. Those are beautiful animal prints. I do have some fabrics I bought, one with an alphabet, guess i should use them;)


  4. Somewhere I have an Australian alphabet, already sewn into Attic Windows. I set it aside to find the right sashing, because you can't have a window without muntins! When it resurfaces, I'll get it done...I also went stash diving and found fabrics for three projects, which I spent the weekend working on prepping.