Monday, August 24, 2015

A weekend of cough cough cough...+ the Winner!

Before we begin today's blog post...the winner of the bright quilt kit is....
Judy in Michigan!!
email me your mailing address :)

In Sisters we have been smothered with smoke from the Warm Springs Fires and the Canyon Creek Complex know it is big when they give it a big name.  So many people have lost their homes...keep them in your prayers.  We took off Saturday to visit our oldest son and  expected some relief from the smoke when we got to Portland...NOT...they were smothered in it...worse than Sisters.  Seems the 150,000+ acres burning in Washington State has covered Portland in smoke!  I was happy to leave it behind me and head home!

Enzo was wiped out with all that traveling.

...our buddy is a perfect segway into another slideshow from Quilt Knit Stitch...I know, I are says are we done already!!! more after this one, LOL...This slide show features...

"The Festival Awareness Project 2014: It's Raining Cats and Dogs"

Such a wonderful challenge for all the animal lovers out favorite is the cover Klimt, lol.

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  1. So crazy about how far the smoke will travel. Guess it has to go somewhere! :)

  2. Smoke from the fires in Washington, Oregon and California is finding its way here to Utah - and it's BAD! And if it's bad this far away, I can only imagine how bad it is locally. Hope a change in the weather comes soon and helps the situation.

  3. Sorry to hear about all the smoke there in the northwest and you can find a place it has traveled to

  4. I so enjoy your slide shows! Thank you!
    I also love, love, love the dogs and cats and the bubble quilt.

  5. Ah, Enzo!
    Terrible about all the fire and smoke!