Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday Thoughts & Last Day for the Give Away

It is warming back up around here...about 90 yesterday...and there are prediction of an even higher temperature.  We are heading up to Detroit Lake to meet our DIL so we can bring our oldest grandson to this side of the mountain.  I think it is County Fair weather, LOL.   The biggest challenge on this side of the mountain is growing anything that the deer don't like, LOL...I am not sure what kind of flowers these are but so far they have been off the buffet line!  I need to find out what they are so I can't plant more!!!

I had an emotionally challenging day...nothing horrible in the scheme of life...but, just enough to keep you a little off balance and little bit tired.  When I got home there was the sweetest note included with an even sweeter mug rug from a friend and California blog reader.  The stress of the day just melted away.  HH fixed me a cool one and it tasted even better resting on my little quilt!!!  Thank you so much Chris!  I LOVE it!!!!  I showed it to my birdie that visit every evening, LOL.

I finished another UFO...Be The Good.  I thought I was all done until I took this photo.  Now I am not happy with the border and feel like I need to so some hand quilting so it won't look so wrinkled, drats!!!  

Don't forget today is the last day to sign up for the Give Away!!!


  1. They look like echinacea or cone flowers to me. I love their domed centres that remind me of a trellis stitch. I love taking pictures of flowers that have bees hoovering over them, looks like you caught one in the act.

    Hitter temps expected here also...what is going on girl! Enjoy your visit with GS#1!

    Cute mini mat.

  2. The flowers are ON the buffet list at our house!!! the deer left them alone for a year or two and now they eat them.

  3. I think they are cone flowers too. I learned that nothing is off limits to hungry critters~ I always thought they didn't like marigolds, so I planted lots. Well something sure enjoyed them! Have a great weekend!

  4. Yep, those are cone flowers and the deer up here in Michigan love them as well as the rabbits. The deer don't seem to like daffodils (spring time) or lavender - almost anything with a strong scent. Good luck! A friend put plastic geraniums in her garden and they ate them!! Buggers!! Cute little quilt!

  5. That is a really cute mug rug and your quilt came out beautifully. I can't figure out what to make and only a few more days to think, lol. I have my stitching but want something I can do without glasses or high light, so wool or quilting.


  6. Those are echinacea cine flowers, one of my favorite flowers! Purple is the common color, but they come in pink and white and yellow too.