Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Sweet Life in Sisters...

If you build it they will least that is what the iconic line in Field of Dreams tells us...and so, we derive great pleasure when the people we love decide to stop by and stay a spell :) My cousin Kathy and her 3 girls stop by Sisters and stayed over night...guess who suddenly had a harem of humans stroking his brow, LOL.  

Last week when I stopped in the Stitchin' Post it was piled high with boxes...but, yesterday it was beeeeutiful!!!

Every nook and crannie was filled with wonderful colors!

There was even a skulk of Foxes!!!

Oh boy,  is Halloween fabric ever a trigger fabric for me!!!  So tell me...what is your trigger fabric???

So many wonderful items...and Sue Spargo's calendar is front and center!!!  Better get yours before they are gone!

Life is pretty darn busy and I apologize for not answering all my email...I read every one but answering...well...the dog ate my homework!


  1. LOL enjoy your holiday and find some time to stitch.

  2. Was it that sweet doggie in the first picture?
    My trigger? Guess that'd be any red, then there is batik and bali prints... You know - F.A.B.R.I.C. lol
    Can't wait for the show. Hubby made the arrangements so we will be there.

  3. I love that enzo is a kid magnet!

  4. Julie and I plan to visit the store this Saturday morning. How about meeting us there?

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