Monday, June 1, 2015

My Quilting Soul is Full

The last 4 days my quilting soul was filled to the brim.  Stitching with Sue Spargo, being with friends and meeting new quilters was very satisfying.  I also met my June 1st deadline with  Huckleberry Stitches 101Fabulous Small Quilts Challenge! 

She gave us an opportunity to make 2 little quilts this month. But, I could only accomplish one...and, I love it and will be placing it on my coffee table the month of July!  
Using my stash which always makes me happy! back to the fun with Sue Spargo!  I apologize that Smilebox is on the fritz...which means I can't share all the photos because it would make the blog a mile long, lol.  The class was to help us create a textured background and then build the peacock motif on top all the while learning some creative stitches.

I loved the met all my expectations...except...I didn't want a Peacock :)  Sue had no problem with a few of us venturing out into our own designs.  A great teacher is one who brings her knowledge, shares it...and then lets you run with it!  Although my piece is no where near finished...I have a whole lot of stitching before I add some colorful elements...I am totally in love with it!

...and my friend Lori's is absolutely adorable!

There were a handful of flower vases and wide variety of Peacock...
none looked the same!

I thought I would share some photos of Sue's stitching.  The photo below are examples of stitching with ribbon.

...the next 4 photos are close ups of a wall hanging that I fell in love with...the circles are about 2 inches across.

this hexie is only about an inch and a half!!!

When I saw this project I decided when I finish my circles I am going to put a border of leaves :)

If you ever get a chance to take a class with Sue Spargo you won't be disappointed!  In fact if I get a chance I am going to take another one :)


  1. Today I go to Dalles to pick up my Feedsack Flag from my quilter, pattern is in that book. Love that book

  2. As I remember Sue is indeed a "no pressure" type of instructor...the best! I love all of those stitches and find some a challenge, but, as they say..."Practice makes perfect"!

  3. I'm sure none of would complain if you shared more indidual pictures in a few more posts.

    Your birds are lovely and Loris owls are whimsical.

    Enjoy the process, I look forward to seeing what colour you frame your leaves in.

  4. Love that Patriotic little quilt - love that book, too! Sue's stitches are your sweet birds.Can't wait to see the finish.

  5. Your wee patriotic quilt is wonderful! Your class looked like fun!

  6. I'm with you. Anytime spent with Sue Spargo is great and worth repeating!