Monday, June 29, 2015

Give Away Count Down!

Give Away Count Down...just 2 more days till we see who the dog dish coughs up! This commemorative book will be signed by Jean Wells Keenan and is a wonderful pictorial of the last 40 years of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  Just click on the link and leave a comment that you are interested, be sure you are a registered follower of the Woolie blog by clicking on the Follow this blog button and signing up and if you are a no reply commenter it will be your responsibility to contact me within 24 hours.  At that time if I haven't heard from you we'll let the dog dish cough up another winner :)

I don't know about your neck of the woods but ours was hot hot hot!

My youngest son and DIL are in the process of moving into their new place...where the AC is not working!!! and poor Hank has decided that he needs a job as a bookend so he won't get any sun! Must be a really cool book he has chosen to lean against, LOL.

This last week started the influx of quilts for the 40th Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  As you can see by this photo being Director of the Quilt Show does not exempt you from the nits and grits of getting this show off the ground!

An amazing amount of quilt are in the show...over 1200!!! couldn't happen without the help of volunteers...they still need help so click on the Quilt Show link if you are available!  There are all kinds of jobs!!!

Sue and Tamra were accepting quilts the day I showed up!  
Definitely a Dynamic Duo!!

...and lucky me, I got to see Tamra's Tula Pink entry for the show!  
Absolutely Amazing!!! 

Then I had to check out this quilt...I think this gal said she drove from Arizona???  Anyhoo...can you  believe this Wizard of Oz Quilt!!!  
The backing is Ruby Red Slippers!!!  
Seeing these quilts has gotten me all excited about the upcoming show!

I am officially ready for the show!!  My plan is to slide on into Quilt Show Week stress you think I'll make it? LOL


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  2. thanks for sharing - always an interesting read. I would love to be in the drawing for the commemorative book.

  3. Oh my goodness~ how lucky you are to be there to see the quilts first! :-) I have been to the show a few times and always come away overwhelmed!

  4. For the first time in many years I will not be attending this year's show. We've been packing and moving all our worldly belongings into storage. For the summer and autumn we'll be in our camper and 5th wheel cruising around. An EPP project will be my handwork... and I will have my iPad along to follow your musings...the BEST entertainment! ;0)

  5. Thanks for the give away. I would love to win. Sue

  6. Fingers and toes crossed for a stress free slide :)

  7. Do you honestly have stress free weeks?
    I did not think anyone did!, lol.
    Hope to see more photos of the show.
    Loved the Oz one, wow!

  8. I'd love to win the commemorative book. Made it to the Sisters Quilt Show about 20 years ago. It was great!

  9. Would LOVE to win a copy of this fun book.
    You have a great blog. Thanks

  10. Hey - this would be super cool to have a signed copy! Wow!!! Would love to win - thanks for the chance! Hope to see you down there next week!