Friday, June 12, 2015

A "Me" Day Recaptured :)

I was able to recaptured my "Me" day with the help of a friend.  All it took was heading out to her house and stitching...such a peaceful place...and she loves hand work as much or even more than I do!!  Never hesitant to tackle the big beautiful projects that we all wonder...who made that quilt???

 such a sweet place...

...and the weather was perfect for stitching outside in the Gazebo!  A first for me (stitching in a gazebo)...which made the day even more special!

I always look forward to seeing what new quilt is hanging on the wall which Linda rotates quilts.  A Bunnyhill pattern with lots and lots of applique.

I love the way she personalizes her quilts...making them her own.

Her most recent finished quilt is her November quilt for the rotating quilt wall and it is spectacular!!

I chose not to make a slide show so you could click on the photos to enlarge.  Sandy Lachowski who quilts through BJ's Quilt Basket was the longarm quilt for this creation and her quilting is as spectacular as Linda's applique!!

Can you believe this turkey...too pretty to eat!! LOL

I continue to stitch away on my Sue Spargo creation...enjoying every stitch and trying not to rush the process.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend...the town is over run with cowboys and my sister and her girlfriends are flying in today...should be a full weekend!!


  1. Looks like you and Linda had a lovely day to stitch in the gazebo!

    My me day will be a trip to my FVQG show in Langley. About a 40 minute drive up the valley. Usually a three day show, this year it is two.

  2. Enjoy your weekend with your sister. Hand work is the best...

  3. Sounds like a great way to spend some relaxing time and I love the gazebo, would like to put one in our yard.


  4. What a wonderful day stitching outside with your sister! It should be like that every day!

  5. OMGosh!! I LOVE LINDA'S QUILTS!!!! Especially that turkey quilt!! And the quilting is exquisite!! Thanks for sharing! (man, you hang with some pretty terrific quilters!!)

  6. What a beautiful day Anna! And a real treat to see Linda's quilts!

  7. Sometimes it's better to share a me day! :-) LOVE those little turkeys!!! Happy weekend to you!

  8. Looks like lots of fun "me" time for you. Have fun!