Monday, May 11, 2015

Honey...I'm Home!!

Well, I obviously needed the break because the first weekend in Portland I slept most of the time!  I never take naps...I drove my parents crazy when I was little because I refused to take naps...not this time.  I seemed to have hit a wall.  My brain was working to hard on the changes in life and I just pooped out :)  So, what did I do when I finally woke up?  Did a little quilt shopping, read like crazy and finished 3 books (there will be lots of reviews this week) and started 2 others.  Went to listen to David Sedaris and literally laughed out loud!  Stitched 4 more blocks for my Primitive Gathering Christmas quilt...played with the kids...and, I got a Fitbit!  Which means I was walking up a storm and in Portland that isn't hard.  It may be a challenge in Sisters.   Because, in our little town you are only a few steps from everything.  

Mother's Day can be both a blessing and a challenge depending on how motherhood treated you.  For some it is a time to reflect on one's own mother which can be a blessing or not...or, depending on your relationship with your children it can be a happy day...or not.  What I know is a lot of mother's did the best they could and in a world filled with challenges it is always healthier to have empathy, forgiveness and love.  

I received this sweet coffee cup with some fresh ground coffee from my oldest sons family and boy did the car ride home smell great!  I couldn't believe this was like it was made for me!!!  

...and then I found out it was!!!  

My younger son and his wife brought me the most delicious dark chocolates made special...and of course, I don't have any to show you for obvious reasons...except for this last piece which I can't bring myself to eat!!!  Well....I might eat it when I feel the will be my emergency chocolate!

My first book review is a must read.  A 2015 Non Fiction Pulitizer Prize Nominee it is not a depressing book...even though it talks about extinction.  But, it is a book that every person should read.  Fascinating in it's fact and yet the author writes in a narritive style that keeps you going.  With that said...the first couple of chapters are a little slow but once you get into will be amazed.  This is the type of read where I am continually stopping and telling HH information :)

I am so ready to get back into the quilting about you?


  1. Welcome to your home sweet home,glad to hear your got some fun goodies for Mother's Day. The mug is great.

    Looking forward to your quilt shop and stash enhancement report!

    Enjoy your new books.

  2. Glad you're home and that you got some much needed rest. I love what you wrote about moms and how they did the best the could. So true!

  3. It sounds like a nice stay in Portland to rejuvenate! I have a difficult time with Mother's day. My mom left us when I was young! I try not to hold it against her now- I'm far from perfect.

  4. I'm so happy your home! I missed you. While I have not read that exact book, I did watch a PBS show about the 6th Extinction. It was fascinating. It left me feeling peaceful. That list on the mug is fantastic! So you!

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