Friday, May 1, 2015

Heads Up...Portlandia

I am heading to Portland to take a much need break from my brain and to play with my family.  I was able to snag 2 tickets to a talk by David Sedaris.  As an author he is a special cup of tea and not flavored for all...but, I like his irreverent look at his own history and the world around him.  Come to find out my younger DIL is also a fan which means HH got a pass, LOL...which he is not sad about!  Since, I am an avid reader an "author talk" gives me the same feeling as if I had a $100 gift card to a quilt store!!  Thoroughly enjoyable!

I finished piecing my May 101 Fabulous Small Quilts Challenge
 sponsored by Huckleberry Stitches.
I decided to make it an ode to Abe Lincoln.  I think I want to do a little more quilting.  I also need to wipe off the chalk on my border and bind it...wonder what next month's challenge will be???

As I wrap up each week I look at the highs and lows...on a world scale...the earthquake in Nepal is tragic and although it is far away I feel so bad for them.  It makes my small pains and worries seem so insignificant.  And, so I wake up each day and count my blessings and try to share those blessings in appreciation for the world I live in.  Have a wonderful weekend and week.  I will be off the blog grid for a week but we can stay connected through Instagram...I'll be hanging there :).  See you back here on May 11th...and I am thinking we haven't had a Give Away in a long time!!


  1. Enjoy your break from your brain (I love that) and have fun with your family!

  2. Love your mini challenge! Have a fun brain break with your family!

  3. Have a wonderful time in Portland visiting your family.

    Enjoy your lecture,

    Hope you get to Pioneer Quilts birthday sale tomorrow.

  4. Have a great time on your adventure. Lincoln looks great.

  5. I hope you have some wonderful times with your family. "See" you when you get back.

  6. Love your little quilt! I'm a big Abe fan too.
    Enjoy your book night!!

  7. The Lincoln block has been beautifully done.
    Having been trekking in Nepal, a very poor but happy land, my heart is so torn over their misfortune. Mother Nature does not pick and chose who is affected...Am loving seeing various peoples stepping in to help the Nepalese recover.
    Be sure and take photos of those little fellows of is fun to watch them grow!

  8. Enjoy Sedaris. I went to hear/see him in Seattle and it was great! I feel the same way about author talks.

  9. Enjoy Portland and David Sedaris! I love your Abe Lincoln tribute - everything about it!
    Our hearts go out to the people of Nepal.

  10. Very cool quilt, the fabric and pattern, look like it could have come from Abe's days :) Very antique looking.

  11. We'll try to get you some decent weather. No promises.
    Have fun!