Monday, April 20, 2015

The Novel Idea , Quilt Slide Show & A Movie Review

I's Monday and if I am going to do a book and movie review it usually happens on schedule is either ahead of itself or behind...I am not sure which, LOL.

I can't believe it but my movie review is about the movie Wild...this is funny because I was not going to see this movie because I really didn't like the book!!! The book drove me crazy.  I found myself wanting to scream at Cheryl!  But, I guess it was because I was reading it as a senior citizen and she was writing about when she was in her 20's.  Truth be told, if I could, I would be screaming at my 20 year old self also.  Anyhoo, HH was interested in the movie since a portion of it was filmed locally.  Surprisingly, I enjoyed the movie and in fact had a new found empathy for her that I was not able to  round up while reading the book.

The book review is limited but I couldn't wait to show you the quilt show!  Each year Deschutes County Library selects one book to share as a community with book groups, classes, and artistically.  This year's book is A Tale For The Time Being.  Although I am only half way through I didn't want to miss the novelist presentation, which was wonderful!

Marilyn owner (left) of QuiltWorks is a supporter of the Novel Idea and each year encourages quilters to read the book and then create a quilt depicting some thing or feeling from the book.  This year the novelist Ruth Ozeki (right) was given a tour of the creation hanging in the QuiltWorks Gallery.  
She was amazed!!!

...I hope you enjoy the quilt show and that it will peak your interest in the book :)  the last slides are of previous Novel Idea Quilts and the book titles where the inspiration sprang.
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  1. I liked several of the raven quilts and noticed maple leaves and one Canadian there a reference to Canada in the storyline?

    The ones with ginkgo leaves are lovely.

  2. I love this novel (!) idea of creating art pieces from book themes. They seem to be at many quilt shows now. Marilyn is SO awesome to have these changing exhibits! Thanks for sharing...

  3. I have a swap partner for 2015 who lives in Bend....and she sent me this book - and the write ups about it....and some nice little knick knacks from the library and a magnet....looking forward to reading it!

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  5. I usually don't see a movie if I have read the book. I sort of liked the book and since you liked it I may go and see the movie if it comes to our small town.