Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Key Is The Gooey Center

I know I sound like a broken record but I have been trying to develop a way to slow my quilting life down.  I know it seems counter productive. But, I really feel like I am missing a key component to what making quilting such a wonderful art form.  I have lists of projects I want to make...and, it seems that I strive to make and,  complete my lists of quilts...but, what about the inbetween part...what about the gooey center!!!  Lately, I have been paying attention to those mentors in the quilt world who seem to embrace the process and thus enjoy even more when the quilt crosses the finish line!

Here is one of those quilters!  Remember Jeanne!  You saw this quilt in her sewing room...Finished and entered into a quilt show...and, do you see those ribbons!!!  Yes, there is a different kind of satisfaction in taking the time to make an exquisite quilt, enjoying the process :) and now she is ready for the next challenge!

Well, here is it!!!!  My Empty Spools creation in Sylvia Pippen's Class.  I fine tuned my Sashiko skills, learned new applique techniques 
and how to face a quilt.  Yes, you really need to put Empty Spools on your bucket list!

...and it is now hanging in a dear friend's home!

Have a wonderful Wednesday...see ya tomorrow!


  1. Your Whale quilt is lovely! Well done!! Did you also quilt it yourself? You are an inspiration to us all.

  2. I love your Shashiko piece Anna, the curved mintred border with the Hibiscus flower is a lovely accent. What a lovely gift to give your friend.

  3. Beautiful, I love the flower accent, a very thoughtful and lovely gift...

  4. Sashiko whales - Oh My! That is wonderful Anna!
    Love Jeanne's vibrant applique quilt too!
    I hear you and understand about learning to slow down and enjoy the process.

  5. Such a beautiful Sashiko whale it!

  6. Terrific Sashiko whales and tropical themed piece. Your good buddy is SO lucky! ( I'm sure she deserves it... ;0)

  7. WOW! both quilts are just wonderful!