Friday, March 6, 2015

Fiesta Friday

There is so much to celebrate today!  My sister is in town and we have a play date!  When your siblings live in a different state and you aren't in each others lives daily you become in some ways closer to girlfriends...they are the sisters you chose.  But, your siblings are the ones who hold your childhood memories and there can be no getting around that.  They are the ones you fought with, schemed with, laughed and cried your childhood away!  I intend to enjoy every moment with the person who can give me an alibi! LOL

Tamra, a local quilt teacher/friend and I have been spending time pushing and dragging each other across the finish line of the Juniperberry Quilt Show Special Exhibit for this summers Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  We trade off meeting at each others home and soup has become the one and only lunch menu choice :)  because, I love soup...HH not so this way I get my soup fix...I would have soup every day if I could!  Tamra made a cheddar broccoli soup...OMG, was it delicious!

I wanted to show you her stitching.  Tamra has become the local wool stitchery professional for embellished stitches.  She teaches several class at the Stitchin' Post but my favorite is Tuesdays with Tamra where you can bring your wool stitchery projects and get support in creating works of art :)  This is her quilt show project and she is currently embellishing the wool circles on her tree...starting with a woven bullion stitch.

When she finishes the stitching all the way around it has a crochet look to it!

Next she builds on the design another layer of stitching for dimension...I wonder what she will put in the center???

The next few photos show what she has done with other circles on her project.  You can enlarge the photo by clicking on it.

Hope this encourages you to add a little umpt to your stitchery.  Have a wonderful weekend...I hope the ice and snow take a vacation for those buried in the stuff...after all this weekend is Daylight Savings.  See ya back here on Monday :)

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