Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Bit Of This...and A Bit Of That

It seems like the world weather is upside we are a ski resort town with 2 resorts within a short drive and one of them barely opened less than a week this season and the other one you could get a tan while skiing...and yet, many of you on the other side of the states are buried in the stuff! My daffodils are coming up...for us lack of snow creates so many other problems come summer.  My mom used to say...can't control the weather so stop worrying about it :)

The Juniperberries met for some stitch time at our new digs.  We are renting the conference room at the Ponderosa Lodge.  A nice space with good lighting and of course deer trimming the grass.  It was a small group...only 5 of us were in town and there were a variety of projects.  The main objective was to share and commiserate on the Juniperberry Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show exhibit.  Everyone is in various stages of the process.  

Nola shared her completed kit for the Days For Girls project.  Click on the link and you an see what this wonderful project is all about.

I always love when Pat shows up because she brings her sweet machine 
and keeps it humming :)

She has been working on these wonderful spools 
and the quilt is going to be beautiful!

I am on the home stretch with my Quilt Show entry 
but still have a fair amount of stitching.  
HH gave me the idea of using gray toned wool in my border 
to just create dimension and I love it!

Sue's sweet horses are out of wool on linen...feels and looks wonderful.

...and finally Nola was stitching the largest Minki quilt I have seen
 and, besides feeling so cozy it is adorable.

Have a wonderful Thursday and I'll see ya tomorrow :)


  1. Ahah, your Mom was very right about the weather! Very nice project, lovely spools!

  2. I would be happy to give the resorts, all our snow, lol.
    Love how your piece is coming out, beautiful work and fabric choices.


  3. Great projects! Always fun to bounce ideas off of other quilters.

  4. HH putting his two cents worth of advice in surely added a nice touch to your project. Men seem to have a different sense of design & colors and it is always fun to hear what they suggest...even if you chose not to use it. Days for Girls is such an awesome project and I hope others will look it up and join in as it is fun too!!!

  5. Your quilt is great, I love the border flowers! Have a great weekend up there.

  6. And the season began with such a roar with lots of snow? And then none. Sad. How will this affect the summer months? Lack of water? I can relate to that! Also, HH scored some points. Great idea. I love how you combined your woolie love with your piecing. Your quilt will definitely stand out!

  7. Love the looks of your quilt, and have always wanted to try the spools pattern