Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wrapping up the Retreat News

I do a lot of hand work and when I use the specialty stitches sometimes it is tough to pull the needle through with the thicker thread and so I use a little silicone pad. Which works but you have to keep picking it up and putting it down. While the Fabric Stalkers were shopping at JoAnn's I found these cute fitted needle pullers and boy do they work great and also look cute on you finger...especially when you have to point at something, LOL!

One of the projects on my list that I completed was the
 January and February FREE Mystery BOM 
Stacy is an amazing designer!

I decided to add a bit of fancy stitching to my Feburary Block.

I so love my stitched bees and enjoy adding them to my projects.

The Fabric Stalkers stopped by Sew Many Quilts for a look see and I know you will enjoy the slide show.  If you see something you have to have they do ship and their link is on the left side of the blog!  See ya tomorrow!

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  1. I'm going to try those needle thumb is cracking from all the stitching I'm doing and it hurts! :( I assume you don't have any problem stitching with it on? Love your blocks...I've saved the patterns but haven't yet started them. blessings, marlene

  2. Love your bee addition, great idea Anna! My background has stars on it but maybe I can think somewhere else to add a little something.

    I hope you are doing the Anna bag, love the colours!

    I bought a few of the snail tape measures for friends and myself. I keep mine on my key ring so it is handy when shopping! Love the colours of them.

  3. I'm also doing the Buttermilk Basin block of the month. Really enjoying it! I think I might have to add a bee....

  4. I have never seen those, will have to check them out, might be helpful and keep my hands from getting tired. Love how your blocks came out and the bee is such a cute addition.


  5. LOVE your pineapple and sheep!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Also love your bees. Altho I do not personally like bees - I admire them for two reasons.....first and foremost is the wonderful honey they provide.....and 2dly is the fact that aerodynamically there is no way they should ever be able to fly, and yet they do! Such a good life lesson for all of us!

  6. You did a fantastic job with those bees...beautiful stitches!!!

  7. Love your blocks , I have been doing them as well , such fun . Your bee is just adorable .

  8. I love your "bee!" So cute. I'm sort of glad I don't live near Sew Many Quilts. Too much temptation! Thanks for the slide show.