Thursday, February 19, 2015

Full Disclosure...

Full disclosure here...before going to Maui I just happened to look on line at fabric and somehow in a fugue state I must have ordered some????  because when I got home there it was...have you ever had this medical condition???  I know I must have had an out of body event because when I look at this  package there is no rhyme or reason too it!

Now this package I totally cop too...yes, I did order this 
because I decided to participate in the 
Snap Shot Quilt Along 
that Fat Quarter shop is having this year...

And...I have a vague memory of Fabric Depot having a sale before I boarded the plane....

Today I head over to the yearly Fabric Stalker retreat at Quiet River in Bend.  I have loaded my projects in my laundry basket and I hope to accomplish a lot...unless one of those quilting fugue states occur than who knows what will happen!!!

A few more photos from Maui...I swear tomorrow will be the last ones that I will force you to look at, lol.  We did have a great time although I will never stay at the Westin Spa and Resort.  It is a beautiful place but the way it is run is a joke.  Everything else about the trip was one of the art galleries in Lahaina there were 2 out of pottery and the other was knitted!!!

This pool was inside the hotel area and had beautiful Flamingos...along with black swans and Koi.  They are amazing how they balance on one leg to sleep!

It was whale watching time on Maui and it was truly amazing.  The Humpbacks make a 3,000 mile trip each year to have their babies.

We lucked out one day that the palm trees were being trimmed in front of our balcony...I asked the guy if his mother knew what he was doing and he said, thank goodness she lived 12 hours away!

finally...I couldn't help but take a photo of a truck full of pit on it to enlarge and you can see the guy in the back was not liking the ride, lol

See ya tomorrow!


  1. I love those dogs in the truck! LOL As for mystery packages of fabric, I've never had that happen. Well, maybe once. Love what you got in those packages!

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  3. Looks like you had an awesome get away. I laughed when I read about the " mystery packages appearing" ..momentary lapses! I have them too:) I cNt pass up a great fabric...hard as I try! I LoVe that you do remember the deals though.......great fabric choices there...gorgeous! Have a wonderful week...hugs Marg.

  4. I loved Lahaina. Their Banyan tree is amazing. Thanks for sharing your memories with us.

  5. LOL, and I thought my memory was bad;) I like the script fabric, that is great for backgrounds. Those look more like oversized coon hounds to me.


  6. Anna, you and I are on the same wave length, I got some of the black and white sewing fabric and the newspaper one in the same photograph! I love the scooter fabric in the other photo.

    I've downloaded the patterns from the Fat Quarter shop, they ,OOM like they will be fun blocks.

    Have fun at your retreat.

  7. wonder if these are pig hunting (boar) dogs? Saw lots of truck loads of those dogs on Kauai

  8. have fun at your retreat. lovin' that text fabric.