Friday, February 27, 2015

Dilly Dalling

No book or movie to review this week...I have been slacking on that front.  It is shocking to me that we have reached the end of February...and, that when we log on come Monday it will be March!!! OMG...the clock is ticking towards the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and with projects to get done I am concentrating on quilts.  Enzo has been helping me but his tail does a wagging job on my design wall.

I took a break and went with HH to the pawn shop where he was looking for some truck jacks...and look what I found.  Made of iron the barn is really heavy.  I love it and have added it to my front porch decor :)

Tamra and I have been working on our wool projects and we both are pleased with our progress.  I do believe we will make the deadline for Quilt Show. Left to my own devise the hysterical quilter in my brain is running around...either in a state of denial or OMG the "fabric sky" is falling in!!!  But, talking out loud to another quilter who is a "cup half full" kinda gal about what your deadline dates are and what you need to get done is calming.  After showing Tamra my projects I woke up this morning and layered my Material Girl Basket challenge which is due in April and needs quilting. 

We have been steadly stitching away at our Sisters Quilt Show quilts
I love Tamra's tree!

She is making a series of collage blocks that will all go together 
...and they are wonderful!

This is the center of my quilt which is a Pat Sloan design.  I am really enjoying the challenges this quilt is bringing, to figure out the outside border.

Enjoy the short slideshow of the Woolies projects and QuiltWorks.  I am working on a couple of great slide shows for Monday and Tuesday 
so we'll  see you back next week.  
Have a wonderful weekend, make time for some stitching 
and give someone a hug :)

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  1. Anna, Tamra and your quilts are going to be amazing! Love the black and whites with pops of bright colours of wool!

    Thanks for another lovely slide show from Quiltworks.

  2. Love that barn and animals, what a lucky find. Love the artsy projects, I am in the mood to play with art quilts and free motion.


  3. That barn is cool! Did the animals come with it also? Great for an outdoor display. With the outdoor quilt show as a deadline you will indeed get your projects completed. I think it really helps to have a goal and having a friend encouraging you along is really beneficial. The sewing machine piece will be fun to hang in your studio or elsewhere in the house and I love Tamra's piece. In love with the LOVE pillow!

  4. Your group is so talented. I love to see what they stitch.
    Can you tell me the pattern name and designer for the Love pillow? I love it and I think it's something I could accomplish! Thanks.

  5. Awww... too funny with Enzo wagging stuff off your design board! lol! :-) Love that metal barn you found! I think I would have brought that home with me too! Going to check out the Sue Spargo pattern your working on... lovely colors and excellent design! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Whops! Pat Sloan not Sue Spargo...

  7. My goodness Anna, you and your friends are doing some very awesome things! I wish I could go to that show.
    Maybe that is just Enzo's secret way of expressing his own his creativity, LOL

  8. The Pat Sloan is nice, but what you've done with her pattern is AMAZING!!!! LOVE IT!!!