Thursday, February 5, 2015

City Life

It is always an interesting transition from rural life to city life...the view is amazing in it's own way.  The wild life consists of humans and birds :)...and the birds flock in a weird pattern.  The crows arrive in the park every day at around 4:30 PM...and I mean hundreds of them.  When they swarm from tree to tree in the park the racket is unbelievable!  And the reflection of them against the windows of the surrounding building makes you think of Alfred Hitchcock!

The best part of city life is my little guy...he totally cracks me up and he makes up for his older brother who has slowly transitioned into a pre-teen more enamored with his friends then his grandparents...oh well...he'll come around.

I only brought one project with me so that I wouldn't be distracted!  This is the center block of my Juniperberry Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show entry.  I am trying to give it a little of a Sue Spargo flare.

As HH and I were walking to Cheryl's for HH's birthday on Monday I was struck by the overlay of the old and the new.  This beautiful historic church is surrounded by high rises.  It is kind of like my quilting...I love my primitive...civil war projects...but, every so often I am drawn to a modern design.  Are you a purist or do you dabble in a variety of quilt genre?

What is not to love about breakfast at Cheryl's...
complimentary fresh warm Beignets...yummm

...and they had the cutest Valentine cookies....and, when some of them broke she just frosted them and wrote on top "So Sorry"

Have a wonderful day!


  1. The crows here also do that sunset and sunrise trip. There are several roosting areas a few miles from where I live and a few weeks ago I drove through then area with my mom and there were thousands of crows in the area trees! Didn't have a camera with me.

    I also recall seeing them leaving in the mornings when I drove to work.

  2. They seem to be in my area only in August. They sure do swarm!! Love your Sue Spargo work.

  3. We had a flock come by this week and they stayed a few days, then moved on. But it is like the movie, hundreds of them and the noise is creepy, lol. I do love prim for my basics but I also like folk art to decorate with and modern for gifts.


  4. When my husband and I go on day trips we like to visit the main street of the town. Many times we see the same thing. Old building with new buildings. It is the same in my town.

  5. Oh I'm dying for a trip to the Big City - next month won't come soon enough! We've not tried Cheryl's yet but looks like we should. I once thought I was a quilting purist, but with all the wonderful eye candy out there, how can you not try something new!

  6. Love the center block of your Juniperberry Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show entry. Is there a pattern for it or are you creating it on your own?