Friday, January 9, 2015 really is Friday, LOL

yes the virus is wearing me out...anytime I get a cold it aggravates my asthma and just wears me's the decrease in oxygen to the brain...Thus the 2 posts yesterday because by mid day I thought it was Friday???  So if you are wanting to catch up on the second Thursday/Friday post just click this link, Double TGIF. Even though my brain is not quite firing on all cylinders I have prepped my Feb. Bertie' March Bertie's...oh yeah...and I prepped the center of the quilt I will be displaying this summer in the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in the Juniperberry exhibit.  I can't reveal that one until it is done!

what really is funny is that I have written 6 blog posts in a 5 weekday week...which means I wrote at 110%!!!  My former managers would be proud, LOL

I thought you Oregon Duck fans would appreciate that on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight show he brought out the puppies!!!  They predict the winners of major games.

A bowl of food for Ohio and one for the Oregon ducks...

The winners according to the puppies are the Oregon Ducks...Go Ducks!

Now I really will see you on Monday!


  1. I totally missed your first Thursday post Anna! I'll have to go and read it now.

    I watch the start of Jimmy Kimmel last night and he had a scavenger hunt between two college students that was cute.

  2. I hope you feel better over the weekend, it does zap the energy out of us.


  3. Well, I must say that I always enjoy your posts no matter how many you write! Sipping a small taste of French Cassis...a toast to our fallen freedom lovers.

  4. You are getting more done sick than I am healthy!

  5. Wow, maybe you should get sick more often as much as you're getting done!! tee hee
    LOVE the new Bertie mat and too funny about the puppies!

    Get Well Soon!

  6. Hope you feel better soon Anna! blessings, marlene