Friday, January 9, 2015 really is Friday, LOL

yes the virus is wearing me out...anytime I get a cold it aggravates my asthma and just wears me's the decrease in oxygen to the brain...Thus the 2 posts yesterday because by mid day I thought it was Friday???  So if you are wanting to catch up on the second Thursday/Friday post just click this link, Double TGIF. Even though my brain is not quite firing on all cylinders I have prepped my Feb. Bertie' March Bertie's...oh yeah...and I prepped the center of the quilt I will be displaying this summer in the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in the Juniperberry exhibit.  I can't reveal that one until it is done!

what really is funny is that I have written 6 blog posts in a 5 weekday week...which means I wrote at 110%!!!  My former managers would be proud, LOL

I thought you Oregon Duck fans would appreciate that on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight show he brought out the puppies!!!  They predict the winners of major games.

A bowl of food for Ohio and one for the Oregon ducks...

The winners according to the puppies are the Oregon Ducks...Go Ducks!

Now I really will see you on Monday!

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