Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mea Culpa...bless me Father for I have sinned....

I am a horrible person!  There was a 26 semi pile up on I-84...first, no one died! Thank Goodness but ...when I saw this photo of the Fed Ex truck my first comment was..  .I hope none of my quilt orders were in that truck!  Then I grilled HH about what happens to people who have quilt orders on the truck...yes,  I need to say 10 Our Fathers and 10 Hail Marys....

Oh yeah...I hear ya...Quilt Orders...what quilt orders???  Well,  I was sick...and no one wanted to come over here to stitch for fear of catching the, I was alone...all alone in my sewing room which meant I had to contact my favorite friends...Primitive Gatherings....Fat Quarter Shop...hehehe...they always come through for me!

Turns out my packages were not on that truck and the first one arrived in pristine condition!  I now have added a project...well...a couple of projects...hummm, maybe 4 new projects.  The first to arrive was my mini kit of Anchor Point, only 24 x 24.  And I ordered a copy of Christmas Gathering just because I needed there!  Don't Judge ME!!!

I just had to share this video...even though most of you have probably already seen it because it is the most popular video on You Tube this week.  This police officer knows all the words to "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift because his 10 year old daughter plays it all the time.  It is hysterical because every time a car passes or someone waves he low keys his performance...then gets right back to it!  Enjoy!

I am finally at the point of attaching the binding to my 2013 
 As soon as I finish attaching the binding another UFO bites the dust!

What I can't figure out is this...I measured the quilt...totalled the inches...opened my app, put in the dimensions and was told what size square I need to cut my bias binding.  Then I cut it up, stitched and pressed...and this is how much binding I have left after attaching it to the quilt???!!!  I have enough for another quilt!!!  I don't know what happened...does this happen to you????

Have a great Thursday!  
I'll see you tomorrow for a wrap up of the week including 
book and movie review!
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