Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Material Girls...

I was so happy this past week...totally got my mojo back and enjoying the momentum.  Except getting that anxiety producing text.  I preface this with how wonderful it feels to know your adult children still share things with you and I wouldn't trade that for anything...but, REALLY...being a mother never stops whether you are in relationship with your children or not.  Once that baby pops out you are forever linked. And, I am so grateful that they do not want me to find out anything second hand...that could get ugly, lol. My oldest laid down his motorcycle.  He is an experienced rider, is a medical professional and still sh*t happens.  When he knew he was going down he knew how to fall and so blessedly got some nice looking road rash but no broken bones. Oh well...I say this resignedly...because from the first day they pop out you as a mom start losing control over their lives little by little...and, that is as it should be :) I have to admit I did start lighting candles to the Craig's List god that he would sell that thing!!!!

And so...I quilt...I finished my little wall hanging that I got at the 
Quilt Knit Stitch in Portland last year. 
Click the link for this year's show information

...and I finished a Buttermilk Basin candle mat. 
I love Stacy's designs!

It was so exciting to see what the Material Girls have been up too.   I am always encouraged to get off my duff and start stitching after I see what everyone is working many UFO's are flying off the shelves!  
Are you off to good stitching start this year?

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  1. Sew much inspiration, thanks for sharing.

    Hope your son is doing well.

  2. I am sure that you felt relieved about your son's having been well prepared for that unfortunate accident. It's amazing how the brain can go into rational thought when one senses danger...IF there is time that is!!! I hope he sells the bike too...speaking as a mother. Those MG continue to produce such pretty pieces, really varied in design. You ladies truly inspire each other and us too! ;0)

  3. Those are wonderful pieces, always fun to have new projects to keep our minds and hands busy. Yes, we never stop caring or worrying.


  4. Wow! Awesome! Great designs going on there. Lots of talent in the room! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Hugs Marg.

  5. So happy there was a good ending to your son's story! Yes, we come by our white hairs honestly! I got a phone call this week from my newlywed daughter...they are moving to San Francisco! WHAT?!! This from the daughter who doesn't live across hell and back...well, in a month or two she will!
    Good thing SHOPPING is great therapy!!

  6. Once a mother, always a mother and our hearts are always entwined in theirs. What a relief he was able to have some control over the outcome.