Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lying Low in the Sewing Room

I have zero energy but for me that doesn't mean I am not taking a stitch or just means I have no energy to be my normal self which is 110%.  I always laugh at the concept of 110% because when I worked as an RN every year my employer would come out with department evaluation and it always amazed me when 100% was not good enough...REALLY?!  What happened to being OK...when did perfection become average?  And we wonder why everyone is competing with each other rather than just enjoying each other???  And so, our managers...we had several over the years would try and get us to work at over 100%...of course in order to do that you would have to take some of that percentage away from your personal life...who cared if you were 60% at long as you were 110%+ at work.  Ahhhh I  digress...anyhoo....balance.  Sometimes I think being down and out with a virus gives you a chance to re-balance your life.  And so, being a cup half full kind of person I am going to embrace my virus, drink tea, soup, stitch and enjoy the view from home...praying that I will be recovered in time for my Sew 'n Sews tomorrow....please, please, please....

I wanted to share this book I bought at the new locations for

It is beyond adorable! And would make a great gift for someone special.  It is actually a wonderful story book which also provides you with the pattern on the front.

The art work inside is precious.

...and the story soooo sweet!

...and then you have the pattern at the end to make this wonderful baby quilt.

What a wonderful treasure this would be for someone special!


  1. Enforced (flu bug) relaxation is good for the soul... Yes! As a fellow nurse I remember those evals. We were to strive to get into management...WHAT??? Some of us simply wanted to be good nurses, not ambitious warriors. Love the sweet book you suggested. I think I have to have it... Hope you feel a bit better today...

    1. and you always had to have goals.....they would not accept my goal was to keep working until retirement....had to be more "tangible" and useful.....I thot that goal covered both!

  2. Cold bugs sure can be a nice break away from the demands of life... as long as you don't get to feeling too awful. I hope you are back to 110% (Ha!) very soon Anna!
    That book looks wonderful and it would be great to gift it, along with the finished quilt, to a new parent. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Take care - the entire house got sick thanks to my grandson - but by the time I got it it ended up as pneumonia. Started New Years Day.....finally able to use computer and read Tuesday....and yesterday finally picked up my knitting needles! Amazing how it just wipes you out.