Thursday, January 15, 2015

Handwork Addict

While puttering in the sewing room last weekend I started going through some of my project boxes...then I took a break and started reading some blogs.  These two events have resulted in a renewed passion for cross stitch.  I have also added another cross stitch blog to my blog roll...Stitching Dream along with one of my favorite quilting and stitchery blogs Pink Caramel.  I included the Sew We Stitch button on the left side of the blog.  I admit it...I am addicted to all kinds of stitchery...I just love it all and have decided to make time for each of the different mediums.

I pulled a little project out of the box, to get my cross stitching feet wet :)

I also finished the last block for the Civil War quilt.  Now to decide on how I want to set the blocks. 

In pondering the month of January I thought to myself that really January is an awesome is the start of the new Downton Abbey season and we are big fans...of the show...not so much of the fabric.  Different taste for different quilters.  Are there any other fans out there???  And I feel pretty darn good about winning my first Golden Globe, LOL.

Here is a little slide show of QuiltWorks and the Woolie projects for the month :)

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  1. Yes indeed! I am a Downton Abbey fan. As far as that DA fabric was a bit too dusky for my taste. Loved the bicycle tree fabric. Mary's Santa/Christmas themed quilt is delightful!

  2. I have never watched it, guess I have to see why everyone loves it;) Love how your civil war quilt, came out, beautiful blocks.


  3. Mary's little basket blocks are great, I wish she could remember where she found them. Were they a freebie?

    That bicycle fabric is great, i thought the first picture of them was buttons on a tree funny how you see things sometimes.

    Quiltworks has some lovely temptation. Another great slideshow Anna.

    Have fun with your stitching.

  4. I too have gone back to cross stitch and embroidery for the last couple of months. I still have a quilt being pieced along side the sewing machine but audio books & stitching are my days lately. As always enjoyed your blog.

  5. lol! Yes... cross stitch is yet another enjoyable hobby! If we could only pull more time out of a hat, right? ;-)

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  7. Yes, I'm with you. I got hooked after I watched " Dowmton Abbey " the first time.

  8. And like you while "looking" for something in my sewing room, I found I have many many kits and projects that need my attention to" finish"'. Time will tell:)
    You are not the only one.....I'm sure we are not alone :)
    Have a great weekend. Hugs Marg.

  9. I've gotten back to counted cross stitch too - so relaxing! Because you have to pay attention and count I just get immersed. :) blessings, marlene