Thursday, January 8, 2015

Friday??? Already??? or maybe double Thrusday???

I had had hoped for a week of quilt groups but alas it was not to be...2015 has begun with a message for me...RELEASE.  Ahhh, I picked "release" as my 2015 word for a reason and the word is making sure I am paying attention.  I miss my quilting buds but I also do not want to spread this virus around.  The message here is slow down, take care of yourself and enjoy the quiet.

I do have a movie & book review!  To start off with "Into The Woods" is already a Golden Globe nominee is not for this household.  I picked the movie and we had high hopes of being entertained with the cast chosen.  With that said...I think during the movie...even though it was dark...I saw HH look at me and roll his eyes! LOL  When we left the theater I asked him on a Woolie 1-5 scale, 5 being a must see movie what would he give it...barely a 2!!  I knew it!!  I on the other hand I would give it a 2.5 because I love musicals.  It was too long...although as all Grimm Brothers tales always there is a message and a learning experience.

I did however enjoy the book I finished this week.  It is not the kind of book you can multi task with because the story goes back and forth between the lives of 2 German, one French during the 1940's.  The young girl is blind and so you "see" her experiences as she would.  I would definitely add this book to your reading list!

The highlight of our week was getting a call from Jennifer Lake that our home portrait was finished! After reading her blog and checking out the different websites we decided to commission a portrait of our favorite spot on earth...our home.  These home portraits are very personal in that she collects information and photos about what your would like in your portrait.  If you are interested you can contact her through her blog.  

HH and I wanted the family as it exist today...and, some of the local animals (bear, elk, deer and an eagle...our mountains (yes, I claim them as mine...all mine) and the little creek bed behind the house.

Here is my oldest son and his family camping and fishing cause that is what they like to do :)

My youngest son, his wife and their cat getting ready for a bike ride. Although I don't think their 20 pound cat would fit in a basket!

...and here is me with a quilt on my lap, HH playing the guitar and off course Enzo greeting visitors!

I love that every once in a while an eagle will fly by.  Jennifer Lake is meticulous in the details added...she included all my yard art and I especially love that she captured the little "castle" feature on North Sister.  

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope to see you on Monday 
with bells on my toes! Oh yeah and it is the virus 2 for the price of one today :) This virus is kicking my butt, lol.


  1. Your home portrait is a real treasure. Love how she captured the "heart" of your family.

  2. Did I miss a day it is Thursday Anna!

    I love your house portrait, it is amazing! What a treasure to love and enjoy for many years.

    I'm sorry to hear you didn't enjoy Into The Woods, I saw it as a play and am planning on going to see it soon. Waiting for all the rush to be over. I loved the play with all the twists that happened when they lived happily ever after..

  3. LOL it is Thursday at my house too! ~must be that virus! Your portrait is wonderful-I love all the details!

  4. I love that painting, it is so fun and love all the details she added. I am in a low key mood too, even sick I am always getting up and down and with Bean, It is outside for lots of potty breaks, but today he seems to be ok so far. Stopped the new food and just safe puppy dry for now.


  5. I have requested All the Light We Cannot See from my local library--looking forward to reading have heard great things about the book

  6. Jennifer did an awesome job! What a neat memorial!! Wait, that doesn't seem like the right word......

  7. Would you please explain "the castle on North Sisters" for us on FRIDAY? Thanks. Love the picture of your home - spectacular!!

  8. I agree on your review of Into the Woods. It was somewhat entertaining but too long. (I love your home portrait, btw.)

  9. What a treasure your Lake pictures are! Into the Woods I will see as I love fantasy and studying costumes, oh...and Meryl Streep!

  10. Thank-you Anna for all the wonderful compliments!! It was a true joy painting your home....such a Happy Place!!
    Hope your feeling better today...took all the holiday decorations down today...:(

    1. still worn out but ventured out today :) love my painting!!! Can't wait to get it framed!