Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Decisions, Decisions...

It is already January 7th...and I haven't yet formulated a plan of Quilt Room Attack!  I feel like a General in charge of my minions and the minions are all UFO's!  I spent yesterday prepping a Bertie's wallhanging.  I had to stop my knitting project because I made a mistake and I don't know how to fix it until I meet with my teacher, mentor and friend Lori.  I am bound and determined to finish that knitting project...but, a knitter I am not :) HH and I are sharing a neither of us has much energy.  

Do you have a quilting plan for 2015?  I like having a plan but the problem is implementation...hey, maybe that should be 2016's word of the year!  I love lists but that is where is ends.  I love special cute list pads...with special cute pens attached.  I love making grocery lists, UFO lists, to do lists...the problem is that I lose them as soon as I make them.

This week  HH and I had errands to run in Bend which meant a trip to BJ's to see the new digs.  Cynthia's Sewing Center moved to their own space which allowed BJ's to expand.  They added a whole new corner for apparel fabrics!  And, have had several clothing construction classes.  Also their...

schedule is on their website.  These classes are held during the same week as the Quilters Affair allowing additional options for all the quilters visiting the area for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  Check it out and see if there is something for you!  Enjoy the slide show of the shop and we'll see you tomorrow!

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  1. Anna, get well quickly! DGS has a virus that made him break out in hives, not welcome for a college freshman. Wow! BJ's looks amazing. I'm planning a trip to Eugene in the spring; hope to stop in Bend - unless I fly. You will be inspirational at Sit and Stitch. Always made sure to take that to work on whatever project I'd learned in class. I'm a list maker, too. Love crossing off things, makes my day to have them all done. Almost never happens. Now I use a planner and am working in terms of lesson plans like long ago. Just a complicated list...but helpful as I'm starting to teach again after three years of caregiving. My lists are more like suggestions that inspire action. They give me choices for each day knowing that all can't be done. Might help to look at yours that way since as quilters our eyes are always bigger than our capabilities. We have big quilting appetites. I need to live another hundred years to complete all the projects I'd like to make. Of course, hundreds more would pop up during that time.... My focus this year is UFOs. Finished 3 in November and 3 in December. Am working on two birthday gifts for February but still finishing up that huge stack of UFOs.

  2. I know better than to make a plan--things have a way of changing them! I got inveigled into two mystery quilts over the holidays, and am now scrambling to catch up. Because, of course, I had some other UFOs that I was working on! Oh well. One day and one project at a time, if I can stick to it!

  3. The new B.J.'s looks great, love some of those projects they have hanging.

    I have so many journals and fun pads but never seem to use them. For awhile I kept a monthly journal for quilting and listed what I had done in the month and what classes, techniques and quilt shops I encountered over the year.

    I just checked my last entry was June 2013 relating my trip to Chicago and back.

    I may do a 2014 synopsis and start doing it again this year. I started it in 2001! Another new leaf for my phrase this year!

  4. Oh so sorry to hear about your down least you and HH have company! Yes indeed making a plan is the only way to go for me. It simply keeps me focused/at task. BJ's has done such wonderful improvements over the last few years and now have expanded to include fun... Hope your visitor (the bug) leaves soon.

  5. That virus going around is a killer.Today I was feeling punk so took a D3, that really does help. I have no plan, just waiting for inspiration to strike me, lol.


  6. I too love making lists. Like you I have a list for darn near everything. Sorry to hear knitting is a challenge, I like it myself. Gives me a switch from hand work

  7. I never make lists, not even for super-market! I admire those who can! I wish you the best Anna!