Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ca...Ca...Crazy Quilter

Just to let you know my email provider screwed up a few days ago and for everyone who uses them...we lost all our incoming and outgoing email.  Oh yeah there was a big apology but the bottom line is that can't retrieve any of it...dang.  So if you sent an email to my regular account...thank you...and if you didn't receive one back from me...I did write.  The Woolie gmail account was A ok :)

I have decided that I crack myself up...I am a crazy quilter...not a quilter who does that beautiful crazy quilting...but a certified over the top...out of control...beating the drum to my own song, quilter.  

To prove my point...I found this photo on my phone!  I must have been holding my phone and accidentally took a photo of me grabbing a bolt of sale fabric at the Stitchin Post! about incriminating yourself...No officer I wasn't touching all the fabric! 

Then to re-enforce the mind set of what is occurring in this crazy quilter's brain I was sitting at my sewing table cross stitching using my Stella Lamp...OMG is that the best lamp ever!!!  Cross stitching on linen is meant for 20 year olds with 20/15 vision...not someone who is half blind and can't even drive at night!  The lamp is spendy but it will be the only one you will ever have to buy, you won't need to change the bulb, you will be able to leave it in your Will and  it doesn't get hot for those of you suckers still having hot flashes (oh that was just mean!)  Anyhoo...I got off track...oh yeah, crazy quilter...LOOK at that design wall!!!   I couldn't believe it!!!  Is that how my brain really rocks???

I am doing the happy dance because I won....won...won...(such a child at heart, lol) but I won the Give Away on Timeless Traditions!!!  I am a real fan of Norma's and she already has a little condo space in my sewing closet, LOL  Thank you Norma...I'll do you proud!!!

Here is a couple of more photos of walking the Metolious. I need these quiet beautiful walks in the woods to bring peace to my brain! 
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Don't you hate it when your have-mail issues. This week I was receiving e-mails but couldn't ready the body off hem on my iPad! What a pain that involved a trip to the Apple Store, luckily there is one fairly clost to me.

    Love your nature pictures, definitely a calming affect, thanks.

  2. Purty cute pattern ya' got there for a Crazy Person! I was going to send Norma an email and give you some competition, but then I thought "Nah! Crazy Anna needs it more than Crazy Me!"

  3. What did you say about a piece of your brain? Lol
    Love your water picture. So pretty.
    Congrats on your win.

  4. Lucky you, I love that one too.
    Also love your walk, looks like a nice place to relax.


  5. I do believe that your brain is in constant creative overdrive Anna! I get antsy just reading about all that you have on your to speak...I totally get it though. When one retires you think you'll simply live a slow paced life...OH! But we do deceive ourselves!!!

  6. You are so funny. No way you could be crazy cause that means I am too. Congrats on your win. You have a beautiful spot for a walk, have fun.

  7. Your cell phone is spying on you! lol! The woods are so peaceful... and I can almost smell the fresh air from here! :-)

  8. Love the incriminating photo!! Congrats on a wonderful win!! Norma's designs are incredible!