Friday, January 16, 2015

Another Friday!

I think this year is going faster than last year!  I decided to clean my sewing I ever embarrased.  Everytime you make a purchase at Quiltworks in Bend, Oregon they give you a little pipe cleaner to clean out your sewing machine...they work great.  They start out looking like the one on the the time I was done it looked like the one on the right.  Boy, did my machine ever need to be cleaned.  I think this is a good start to the new year :)

I did not see a movie worth sharing and I have started a new no review this week.  But I am happy to say I finished 2 more Berties!  I am now ready for February...

...and March!

I wanted to share this photo with is so beautiful and the story can be read on Lisa Bongean's blog post.

I also have so many memories of mom...sailing that I decided I needed to make the anchor quilt.  I chose the mini one and ordered the kit from Primitive Gatherings.  

Have a wonderful weekend...and remember...hug someone! :)
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