Monday, December 29, 2014

Wrapping Up The Week, Month & Year

The pondering pool has been very deep this last week...reflecting on the blessings of the year...the good, the bad and the ugly, LOL.  How about you?  Has this past year given you some tools for next year?

We enjoyed the blessing of being able to celebrate my DIL's birthday.  She is a Christmas baby which means a big party with all the decorations.  She did request a Red Velvet cake???  Not really having a clue about it I found a bakery that made a beautiful one...and, as you can see the little guy wanted to help cut and serve.  My 2 grandsons definitely add light to my life.

I saw this pillow at The Pottery Barn and decided that I am going to make one out of wool for Valentines Day!

A highlight of the weekend was being able to go to the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall with my younger DIL, friend and cousin to see Straight No Chasers.  We had a blast!!!  

Their 1996 You Tube video from Indiana University went viral a few years ago which made them a musical sensation!

Now a professional A Capella group which tours the country they are amazing.  The music is wonderful and the humor...well it is definitely a LOL event!  For the last 6 years they have come to Portland during the holidays...a must see!!!

Portlandia is a town that has music just about on every corner...but the corner at Powell's bookshop in The Pearl was amazing.  These 2 young women truly brought culture to street music!

The last 2 blog posts of the year will be thought provoking...because that is where my brain is at...I hope you will hang in there with me 
make 2015 an incredible year!!!


  1. Love the poster of the Straight No Chaser group. How great was the concert?

    I'm glad you are having a lovely time with your family during the holidays.

    Have fun in the city.

  2. Love that pillow! :). Blessings, Marlene

  3. That cake looks delicious. I am always pondering the meaning of my life, still haven't figured it out, lol. I think I have a pattern like that with a bird in the love, on my to do list and will see if I can find it in my files for you.


  4. I love that group - they are fantastic! The first time I saw them on You Tube, I ran out and bought a CD! I also love you "LOVE" pillow!

  5. My "pondering" starts after New Years Eve and my annual CAT scan and visit with my oncologist. As soon as I hear "you are good" I reflect and plan. Silly how that test means so much.

    Have a wonderful New Years celebration...

  6. I'll be pondering right along with you and wondering what 2015 will bring for all of us. Red Velvet cake is one of my favorites and that pillow is adorable!