Friday, December 26, 2014

The Day After...

It is kinda funny...when I typed the Blog post title it made me think of a disaster movie???  So I wonder how many of you are out wadeing through the sales???  When I was young I was all about the day after Christmas sales...but, now...well...I am not sure there is anything out there that I need?!  Wonder if Fabric Depot is having a day after sale???

I did see a movie this week...Annie!  I have to give it a Woolie 4 star because it was a feel good holiday movie...and we all could use some feel good.  Even though we know the story I still enjoyed the music, singing and well Cameron Diaz as a the foster mom...she did her job :)

We had the little guy over for the day and I think he is going to be musically inclined like his "G" and his dad.  As soon as HH started playing he sat and listened...

Then he moved in to strum a few notes...

...and pretty soon they had to sit together so they could have a jam session :)

When it was time to go home...well, it was done reluctantly.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Those pictures show a loving relationship between those two, love the studious look as the little guy was sitting on the couch watching G play.

    The last picture shows exactly what you voiced, reluctance to go home.

    Have a Haooy Boxing Day no matter what you right now it is lazing around.

  2. Your little guy just tugs at my heart strings.

  3. Cute grand. Yes, fabric depot is having a sale. Wal-Mart was more crowded than on Christmas Eve. Everyone after wrapping paper/bows and cards @ 50% off.

  4. That last photo is priceless! What an expression!

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with the family and your grandson is such a cutie.


  6. Awwww.... the packed up to home pic is sooooo sad! :-( Very happy that you got to enjoy one another during Christmas.... it just makes the day that much more special! :-) Merry Christmas!

  7. So adorable! Great memories - such a cute little guy - I love how his bag is almost as big as him!

  8. Adorable grand...priceless memories!

  9. Sweet the packed up one, but so sad! No after Christmas shopping for me, either. Nothing I need or want.