Monday, December 22, 2014

Shaking Up My World

This weekend I shook up my world...I unplugged from Face book.  I am such a busy bee that I finally reached a point where I needed to re-evaluate where I needed to best use my time.  I didn't want to stop writing because I enjoy the connections I have made via the blog...and, I need my quilting inspiration from all of you.  Although Face book provided some of that I also was overwhelmed by the amount of of that non-quilting stuff.  I know there are ways to control it...and I am just making excuses for my own lack of control.  I kept checking it and not reading a real book...and I have so many books I want to read.  And, so many quilt I want to make!  Whining...I know.  But for now this is the best decision and I know it is because when I unplugged I felt relieved.  I will still be posting photos on Instagram.  I am sure that I am not the only one who is overwhelmed, lol.

I loved the Star Wars movies and so this Christmas light video spoke to me!  I know this week is going to be a busy one for everyone...what ever you do take a moment for safe...and, hug someone :)

On the way to the city HH stopped at Pioneer Quilts.  They have moved to their new location which is on a historic homestead in Portland.  It is still a work in progress but you can see the beauty to come!  Here is a slide show of the new digs...the property in the spring is just going to be gorgeous!

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  1. Yes indeed! FB can suck you right in...if you let it!!! The photos of the "new" Pioneer Quilts are quite lovely and I want to go now...Oh! That's right, Christmas is just around the corner...maybe not quite yet...sigh...

  2. Thanks for the great slide show of Pioneer Quilts. Lucky you to see some of the main house, they had just opened when I was there in late summer.

    The shop is just so stunning with the architecture. I like how she has seasonal quilts and displays to mirror the season.

    I'm guessing a couple of those Christmas wool designs are designed by Bonnie Sullivan.

    That dog always puts a smile on my face love it.

  3. Unplugging is a good idea--but sadly it's how I keep up with my kids and grandkids all over the country! I've also hooked into a couple of the quilt communities there and let myself get sucked into a mystery quilt. It's all good though, because my recovery is moving along slowly. I'll keep up with you here and on Instagram--there will be lots more pictures coming!

  4. I could go for a week in the mountains myself, sometimes we need a break and Facebook can be a bit overwhelming. I wish they had a place so I could do family on one and friends on another so I could enjoy seeing things without all the clutter that family puts up, lol.


  5. Your feelings are certainly easy to relate to Anna! I haven't tried Facebook yet, because I can't even keep up with all the other stuff and still have time to sew. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  6. THANKs for the PQS pictures!! It looks wonderful! What a great venue! I will be stopping in for sure on my way home. We went through Portland before 9am the other day and of course they weren't open yet! Going the other way is much easier!
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and all the best!

  7. Wow! What an awesome quilt shop! So many beautiful projects! I love the wool purse with the robin.... and the trio of belsnickles are cute too... yep... I'd be camping out there frequently if I lived closer! :-) Little pup is absolutely adorable!!! Congrats on unplugging from Facebook! You will be so much more relaxed and have some new found time to create and simply live! :-)

  8. Thanks for the tour of Pioneer Quilts, I loved everyting I saw. Have a Merry Christmas

  9. I feel that way about Instagram - just can't let myself go there as I could look for hours. Facebook is a quick thing for me; scroll down, read a few, get off. It's funny how we can get so addicted to those things. But like you I have books to read and stitching to do! :) blessings, marlene