Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Just For You....& The Day 11 Give Away Winner

Today's blog post is for all of you who are feeling a little blue...Just a little help put a smile on your face...if only for this moment.  Hugs to all of you!

Ya gotta love a doggy love story! :)

The winner of Day 11 is...Christie!  Send me your mailing address and you'll be able to start this project before Christmas!  You still have time to comment on the Day 12 Give Away...winner will be announced on Friday!

 A Sweet slide show of what the Material Girls of Bend, Oregon are up too :)

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  1. The doggie love story is just so cute!!!

  2. I really love that leaf stitching, beautiful work and like the look of the big stitch.


  3. Thanks for the laugh! the dog story was too much! LOL!

  4. Have you seen the Sundance Quilters newest "quilt"? Five pieces in vertical presentation - I would enjoy your take on it.