Tuesday, December 30, 2014

In A Word...

It is that time again...reflecting on the past year and trying to figure out what direction you want to stitch in the new year???  Choosing a word as a touch stone for the year is not as easy as it sounds.  I think it helps to look back at last years word and evaluate how well you embraced that word.  One of the issues as pointed out by my cousin is that...it is very easy to forget your word and thus the intent of why you chose it.  Her suggestion is to have the word engraved on a necklace so that when you feel the disquiet of your world you have something tangible to remind you for what kind of life you chose to lead in a given year.

I totally forgot the word...and, actually had to go into the blog archive to see what word I chose.  With that said...it was an emotionally quieter year...but, I think I didn't fully embrace it's message because I forgot my word!!!  This year I will carry it around with me...and, I will reaffirm my word commitment.  In fact...I may make a mini quilt as a talisman for my word.

Are you picking a word to live by?

There is so much strife in the world, stress in our lives, anger in our souls and struggles to live through....as I walk through the city I am reminded about what really is important...not, what I think I need or want...but, what is really important.  Do I want to be "right" or do I want to be "happy?"

For the 2 years I have lived downtown this woman has slept on this street.  Her worldly possessions beside her. She is gone all day but early in the morning she is kneeling in prayer...and, when I see her...she looks about my age.  In the evening she snuggles in to sleep.  I wonder where her family is??? Does she have children???  How did this life stop here???  There are many shelters in the city but her choice is to be here on 10th street...and, as you can see in the background there are holiday diners in a fine restaurant just inside...it is Christmas Day.  She asks for nothing.  

The question begs to be asked...do I need more materially or emotionally? 
And, in her own way this woman is helping me choose my word... 

This year...be grateful, give thanks...embrace the blessing large and small.  I am looking forward to this wonderful year in which we shall share this journey of quilting and camaraderie!


  1. Beautiful post Anna, and the idea of a mini quilt as a talisman is very interesting! I may choose for the next year the word "minimalism", it's something I will try to put in my life. Best wishes for a wonderful New Year's Eve!
    Have wonderful New Year's Eve and see you next year!

  2. Just Lovely. Well said. Wishing you a Happy Healthy New Year ! My word is Peace !

  3. Hi Anna,

    Last year my word was actually a phrase, Sew Finish It Up. I haven't figured it out yet but i have made some progress.

    I've not yet made my 2015 choice yet but I like your idea of a mini quilt.

  4. Hard to think up a word after reading about your bag lady. I gave books to my grandkids about the quilting lady who made quilts and gave them to the homeless. A nice thought. Where I'm from the quilt would be stolen from her or she'd sell it for drug money. (Boy, am I jaded, huh.) Guess that's why old people are so cranky. Life isn't black and white, nor easily figured out. I do give quilts to charity, but there isn't a way to give to the homeless... at least none that I know of.
    I just moved to Vancouver WA - so in your neck of the woods... If you know of some charity that would help homeless here. I sure would appreciate it. Maybe my word should be HELP - a verb, not a request.
    I enjoyed your blog so I'm signing on to follow.

  5. What is the opposite of Chaos and crazy, lol.


  6. Anna - you have given me a lot to think about. This concept of having a word to live by is new to me. It is jarring to think about the people who have no homes. Even more so when the person can't or won't be helped. (I used to volunteer in alcohol rehab, so knew a few who could not be saved.) I am so glad your lady prays. At first I thought my word should be 'today" - to remind me to shake off the past and live in the here and now. But after reading your post, I think my word will be "gratitude". Maybe you should make a quilt with your own words" "Be grateful, give thanks...embrace the blessing large and small" embroidered in the center. They are beautiful.

  7. Year 2013 the word was Better. Just to be and do better as a friend, sister, sewer, teacher ect...
    Year 2014 I forgot the word and a necklace makes more sense then getting it tattooed on my hand.... but it also might mean I had the wrong word for the year.
    This year of 2015 I am picking the word health. Health of Body, Mind and Spirit.

  8. Love this idea...Last year my go-to phrase was "Go make stuff ". This year I will start giving away the many quilts I've made...to whoever I feel like giving them to, for any reason. I will try and come up with a word to focus on as well... ;0)