Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas in the City

This is an older video but still is amazing to watch...they have trained those dogs so well...and then they speed up the film which makes it look awesome!

I have been stitching little by little my Kathy Schmitz project...almost done stitching the November block...but, alas I am having way to much fun in the city.  The lights are wonderful and the bustling of the shoppers, it is all so beautifully woven between those that are down and out.  Life is a blessing for some and not for others. But, it seems this season generosity expands. As I walk around I am so happy I am not behind a wheel as irritated drivers can't resist honking at each other.  To bad car horns can honk Christmas music!  I think that will would everyone happy :)

This weeks blog spots will be sparse on the quilting side and more about the city.

The Portland City Tree is so beautiful as we walked early in the morning to have breakfast with our youngest son and his wife...the city is quiet.

On the way I ran into these guys in a store front window...all sewn out of scraps of blue jeans and then stuffed!

Several of the local bronze works were knit bombed...always a holiday tradition!

If you are traveling this week...may your journey be safe, swift and easy!
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