Friday, November 14, 2014

The Week Ends With A Bang!

Well just because Father Winter was didn't mean the rest of us were!  We woke up to a dramatic build up of the pile of snow!

We did watch a great movie this week!  Chef...with an all star cast, it was entertaining and had the added bonus of making me want to cook...or at least eat a Cubano!

Yesterday I was running through the snow!

Today, I am stuck...which translate to Quilting!

A snow day was declared locally so it was fun in the neighborhood!

It literally snowed all day long! And, today will be more of the same!  My little pagoda became a mushroom, lol

Enzo would go outside and do his "dooty"
...but, as you tell he is anxious to get back inside!

...and so, what did I do all day?  Cut out a new quilt and laid it all out...since the snow has continued to fall I will be piecing it today!!!  What are you doing on this fine Friday???
See you on Monday...have a safe and warm weekend :)


  1. I saw Chef this past summer and had the same reaction. :) Great movie and dicovered a new Cuban restaurant too! Enjoy your snow day.

  2. Anna - Brrrr! I laughed really hard over your "Yesterday I was running through the snow.." LOVE the look of the quilt you cut out!

  3. YOwzer! It is a beautiful sunny day here...but chilly! Perfect for a hike around Quarry Lake! Good to see you out and about...frolicking in the snow!! haha

  4. hey!!! where did you find a silhouette of me?!?

    today i took the last few hand stitches on the FORTY (sheesh!!!) crayon bags' bindings and NOW i have permission to work on ANYTHING that isn't those stupid bags!!!

  5. oh wow, we had a heat wave yesterday and it was 36 degrees C (96 F), I was way too hot! We are in Australia though!

  6. I can't believe you got that much snow already. I do enjoy it if we get enough to ski on and it doesn't melt.


  7. Quilting and snow just go together! We only got a bit of rain which was a little disappointing. Enjoy the white stuff!

  8. It looks like you are making the Primitive Gatherings' snowman quilt. I love that quilt; can't wait to see your version! Wow, your area really got hit with snow. Enjoy your quilting days.

  9. much snow! Your new quilt looks like it will be another of your amazing projects.