Thursday, November 13, 2014

Snow Is On It's Way???!

Definitely on the way and here...woke up to the beautiful white stuff.  But, truth be told I am not ready...I still want some more beautiful Fall weather.  You just can't argue with in Mother Nature, lol

I love plowing the is another form of exercise.  Poor HH has Jury Duty and so had to drive to Bend.  While I get to snuggle in and stitch.

I always know the holidays are fast approaching when my Cactus starts to bloom.  Not having a green thumb...this sweet plant continues to boost my inner gardener.  Do you have house plants? Are you successful with them?

The temperature yesterday never reach freezing...burrr...and so I spent the day puttering. First I road my bike to my PT/massage appt. OMG was I cold and I looked like a cross between a Ninja and the Unibomber on a bike.  I did get more than one look of astonishment, lol.  When I got home HH and I cleaned up the porch and patio, stored the outdoor furniture cushions away for the season, made sure all the house vents were shut and the outdoor faucets were covered....Then it was stitching time.

I decided that I really wanted to finish quilting the table runner I am making as a Christmas gift for my sister.  It has been a while since I actually sat down at my sewing machine to quilt and it was so relaxing.

I finished quilting the entire top and made the binding.  I am pleased with how it turned out!

Are you working on Christmas gifts?  What are you making???


  1. I love how you table runner looks like a group of packages stacked around the tree.

    She should be pleased!

  2. Oh! I love that table runner/mat!!! Looks like you did a fabulous job of machine quilting it too...Cold (near freezing) over here in the valley too so there will be stitching going on as I stay home. Cozy warm fire in the woodstove...ahhhh...

  3. Hey you really DO look like a Ninja! hopefully not the unibomber!! LOL
    Pretty table runner! I need to get in the 'mood' to make some Christmas gifts really soon! ha


  4. Love the sister will be thrilled!! You quilting is lovely too!

  5. We have cold rain and maybe snow by morning, but nothing much, I am not ready for winter. I am not ready for Christmas either, lol. I am trying to make gifts but in half the time I normally have, so not sure if i can do it all and I doubt I will have time for my things, till next month.


  6. I am making coffee koozies for my coworkers, but not much else for gifts.

  7. whoa! that is a lot of snow.
    my red Christmas cactus is in full bloom.
    love the runner

  8. i don't mind snow if the power stays on, looks beautiful