Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pushing Forward

Yes, I have taken myself to task and have set up a program to accomplish all that I need and want to by Christmas. Yesterday I designated pillowcase day.  In between all the household things that needed to be done I made 5 for all the little people I love in my life.

I love making pillowcases because it starts with choosing some really fun fabrics!  And, what is not to love about shopping for fabrics that are totally out of your normal list of fabric wants, lol.

I love coordinating the trim and cuff and I use a French seam so there are no raw edges or raveling after laundering.

here is a photo of the pillowcase body.  Aren't they fun!  I love thinking about the kid I am going to make one for and choosing the perfect fabric :)

Not sure what is on the list today.  The weather continues to remain below freezing and thus the snow remains.  Which means it is another day of quilting and this evening Valori Wells Kennedy will be speaking at the Guild meeting and I am hoping she will be sharing her trip to Morocco!

Have a great day and let me know if this is a handmade Christmas or if you will be hitting the malls to complete your list?  Mine is a mix of both.


  1. Cute pillow cases, fun fabrics. I am trying to make some gifts and also purchase (locally!) some as well. You have reminded me of just how this holiday is creeping up on us!

  2. You are such an inspiration! I will never love sewing.....but I made 2 pillowcases for gifts yesterday.....and still have 5 (for the grandkids) to go!

  3. My gifts are either handmade or in checks. Found 24 UFO's in closing the home in AZ and setting up the quilt room here. Several of them are designated for gifts. The ones not finished in December will go for the 5 family birthdays in February. I'm thinking that if I finished 2 per month, they'd be done in a year. Already have two done in a week, so am off to a good start. And, will get more done in December to gift.

  4. Anna it does look like fun! Your littles ones will durely love them!

  5. That is a nice finish and I do need to make some since we always need extra. I figured i would use one of my simple, nice ones to design a pattern from, easier than reading a pattern, lol.


  6. I love to make pillowcases! Maybe I will make some this weekend!

  7. My gift giving is always a as a tradition I give all the females in the family a pair of Christmas socks to be worn Christmas morning as they open their other gifts. The guys get candy. Too hard to find male size Christmas socks..