Monday, November 3, 2014


It is so hard to believe that it is already November!!!  How in the world did this happen...we have 2 months left of 2014!  I always start evaluating the year about this time and I ended up having a melt down in the sewing room.  I am not sure what possessed me to start digging around in the closet but I suscumbed to the "Out of Body" experience of looking down on all my projects, fabrics, kits, patterns and books...holy quilt! did this happen???  I am calmer now that I have had some chocolate.  Does anyone out there have the same feelings???

This weekend we went from Halloween.... the Day of the Dead...

...and just to cause more confusion we had a time change.  The best part of the weekend...our youngest son and DIL came for a weekend visit!...And, due to the "Out of Body" quilt experience I got into a prepping frenzy and prepped the 2 Bertie's projects that I had and then I found a sweet Buttermilk Basin candle mat I had been wanting to make.  I felt better!

I plan on an exciting productive Novemember!


  1. I did the same thing this weekend. I started thinking what projects I need to finish and then started tearing my sewing room apart. Organizing and cleaning. I feel alot better now :-D

  2. Love your 'out of body experience'...that was totally me last week!! Glad you got 'er done!

  3. Too funny about the meltdown and chocolate pick-me-up. I agree. I cannot believe where this year has went and how much I wish I could have gotten done. So much more than I did that's for sure.:)

  4. The picture of the dog is too funny! Have a great November month!

  5. You should not feel too bad about projects as you have faithfully finished at least one UFO each month. Yep the dog costume is great - even if HE does not think so.

  6. The time change is really messing me up too, lol.
    I think this is a good month for us to relax and enjoy working on projects, just for fun, no stress or deadlines;)


  7. Way to combat your out of body experience! Chocolate and wool felt projects could solve all the world's problems...