Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mystery Revealed

I was quilting my table runner project yesterday and got so sleepy that my ribbon quilting was going crazy so I got in my red chair with my minki blankie and took a nap...what a luxury!  I didn't even hear HH and Enzo leave for their hike...but, they heard me snoring away in the sewing room, lol.

Remember this circle of fabric from last week...some guessed table mats, Christmas tree skirts...hehehe

It did create quite a mess between the table runner and the mystery circle...

But here is the what the circles ended up being!!!  Napkins!!!  
Aren't they adorable!  
They take 2 complimentary fabrics, right sides together. 
cut into an 18 inch circle. 
Then cut in half again.
Stitch around with right sides together.
leaving a small opening.
turn inside out.
then top stitch the entire edge.
then fold back and forth until you get the shape of a tree.
spray starch and press.

I made a set of 6 with some scrap Christmas fabrics.  I think they will make a wonderful addition to the Holiday table...or, as gifts!

Today I am heading into Bend to stitch with the Woolies...I have several projects that I need to stitch before December for our home.  Have a wonderful Tuesday and thank you to all the Veteran's out there!


  1. Oh I love those! They are very original, perfect table decorations and Christmas gifts!

  2. I would not have guessed correctly in a million years. Really cute.

  3. Well, who would have guessed that one?? LOL What a clever idea ~ do you think you could give those of us who need to 'see' how it comes together a tutorial sometime??? pretty please? LOL
    I think I have that exact same snowman fabric!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. You are such a tease Anna! Clever design! Working on a wool tablemat here... ;0)

  5. That is such a fun idea and a nice way to decorate the table.